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Narcissists PRETEND To Believe In God

Narcissists cannot meet the expense of having to believe in a higher power. Or anything greater than them. Because otherwise they would experience an adverse effect. It would prevent their development. It would be unfavorable for them. It would act against their activities and behaviors. It would act against their desires.

For them to be able to be narcissists, they have to reject anything that is morally superior. They have to reject any belief system that goes against what they're intending to do. Because otherwise, it would be in a position of authority over them. Because it would exercise guidance, direction, and control. It would prevent them from doing what they do.

But if there's one thing that narcissists can't stand, it's rules. They hate being told what to do. They want to do whatever they want to do. Whenever they want to do it.

So they don't really believe in God. Because if they did, they would be a representation of God. But they're not, because it's not genuine. They pretend to have values, morals, and standards. It may look like they're compassionate. Because sometimes they may pretend to show sympathy and concern for other people. They may act like they're going to be fair and reciprocal of what you're giving to them. Because they have moral principles. They have beliefs about what is morally right and wrong.

But you will never actually see that from them. Because they always have to put themselves first. They can't be fair. They can't have principles. Because otherwise, that would mean you're equal. But they have a need to be superior. So they can't be fair to you. They can't be ethical, in the same way as people who actually do believe in God.

So this is what creates the problem. Because without God, there's no representation of authority. So they're free to break laws. They're free to violate you. Because they don't really believe in anything. They're just showing you whatever they think you want to see. To make you feel comfortable. To make you feel like you share the same opinions and interests of ethics and morals.

But the reality is that they don't want to be subject to any rules, laws, or guidelines that may interfere with these behaviors and activities that bring them amusement and enjoyment. They can't delay gratification. They can't delay the satisfaction of their desires. So they have to have it whenever they want it. Which means that they will cheat, lie, and steal. They will do things that you can't even imagine. Things that you never thought they'd be capable of. Because there are no limits or restrictions in their world. If they want it, they will go and get it. Regardless of what commitments they're meant to have to a relationship or to God. They will do anything to get what they want.

And you've only got to look at the way they behave to see that. They lie and deceive. They act without thinking. Because they're heedless of danger and of the consequences of their actions. Which results in them being unpredictable. You never know what they're going to do next. They display a complete lack of feeling and consideration. They have very toxic energy. Which means that they're an immediate threat to anyone that they're around. Because they have the ability to negatively affect your life. So your physical, emotional, and financial well-being is in serious danger. Because they're destructive to anything they come into contact with.

When you first meet them, they may seem kind, giving, and accommodating. But it's all just a game to entice you to do or believe something foolish and unwise. Because that's all they're ever going to do. They're just going to pull you down. So that they can enslave you. But they're very good at imitating normal, rational people. They can act compassionate, sympathetic, and generous. But it's just because they want you to think that you can trust them. It's to make you feel like you're safe. Because they want you to think that when you're around them, you're protected from danger or risk. You're not likely to be harmed.

But it's all a facade. It's a deceptive outward appearance. It's used solely to prevent you from catching on to the fact that you're dealing with a fraud. Someone who is pretending to be something else in order to deceive you. Because they're only around you to manipulate and control you. To destroy you, to use you, and to lead you astray. And they do all of these things to you because in their minds, they think that they are God. Which is how they eventually become the creator and the ruler of your world. They become the source of all moral authority. The judge, jury, and the executioner. The all-knowing and the all-seeing.

But what they're actually doing is seeking power. Because they feel powerless, weak, and scared inside. They seek power and control over you because it makes them feel safe and less fearful. They see themselves as having unlimited power and as being able to do anything. So they can't acknowledge anything greater than they are. Because everything has to revolve around them. And in their minds, they've already reached where they need to be. Their minds are made up. They've already figured everything out. There's nothing more for them to learn.

They're not even trying to grow. They're not even trying to advance or make progress. Which means that they don't even exist. Because they're not even living. They have no objective reality. So they're not even real. Because there's nothing that's independent of their mind. There's nothing independent of their conscious awareness of it. Which means there's nothing that can stand by itself or be self-validating. It's whatever they want it to be, instead of what it actually is.

So you're not even dealing with a fully-developed human. And they're already aware of this. They already know that something is wrong with them. If you've paid close attention, you will have seen it. You will have noticed that they're already aware that something is not right with them. They know they're corrupt. They know they're dishonest and immoral. They know they're negative. And they already know the effect that they have on other people.

Which is why they're so suffocating. It's why they always have to be around you. It's deliberate and intentional. Because they already know that with the way they are, it's going to make you uncomfortable. It's going to make you feel trapped and oppressed. But in their minds, it just tells them how powerful they are. It just gives them fuel. Because there is no God within them. There's nothing that has power over them.

Because they see anything good as a weakness. They see it as something that exposes them to harm. They believe that you can't do right and not be weak. When in reality, it's actually the opposite. It takes strength to do good and do right. It takes strength to love. It takes strength to be kind. It's easy to be foolish and reckless. That's the whole point. They lack discipline. So it's difficult for them. Because they see it as though rules were made for those who are weak and stupid. They don't really see themselves as a victim. But they will play the role. And they will use it as a strategy to overpower you. To trap you as their supply. Because all they really care about is fuel. That's what motivates them.

The power to lead you astray. To lead you away from the correct path or direction. To lead you into error or morally questionable behavior. To make you believe in the things that they believe in. They can't take God away from you. But they will try to take you away from God. Because then you're just the same as them. And that's what they want. They want to deprive you of your values and beliefs. And they will often do that by playing the victim. By making you believe in things that are not true. Things that are only meant to deceive you. Because they see that as a source of power.

And at one point, they may have been victims. But they're not anymore. Because now they're manipulating you. They're using you to their advantage. So that they can be in an authoritative position over you. And get you to do what they want you to do. But they already know they're not victims. Their power lies in convincing you. Because that makes them feel like they are God. By lying to you and giving you a false and misleading account of their true nature. Because they will do whatever is needed to get what they want. They will pressure and influence you to act with their desires. To unwillingly accept their opinions and decisions. Because they see it as though if they can get you to do what they want, then why do they need a God? The only thing they believe in is themselves.

They're characterized by an unfounded certainty that they are totally correct and morally superior. When it has no foundation or basis in fact. It's not based on actual experience or observation. There's no history. There's no study of past events. There's no chronological record of significant events. There's no examination or observation of other suggestions or ideas. They just arrived at this conclusion on their own, with no systematic study or documentation. Which is why they don't think they're accountable to anything. They don't believe in karma or the law of cause and effect. They don't believe in anything.

So when things are going wrong for them in their lives, they're not looking at it as though it's God or karma. They don't see it as though it's the result of what they've done. Because in their minds, they're above everything. So no act of punishment can be passed down to them. Because there is nothing greater than them.

Which is why they're defective. Because it's hardwired in their brain. It's what causes them to be narcissists. It's not just the result of past trauma. Because not everyone who has been hurt feels the need to hurt someone else. Sometimes it just makes us even more compassionate towards other people. They hurt people because they're unable to think clearly or behave in a controlled and logical way. Because they have a mental illness. They're not normal. But it's still a choice. They choose to put themselves first. They choose to be abusive.

And they're fully aware of what they do and the effects that it's having on you. Because they're not autistic or bipolar. They don't have a mental illness that impacts their decision-making. If they did, then maybe they would be more deserving of our compassion and understanding. But narcissism is not like that. They know what they're doing. They're seeking power. So they're only concerned with their own beliefs.

Which is why it would be harmful for them if they did believe in a God. If they believed in God, they wouldn't be narcissists. They would become normal. But they want to be anything but normal. They don't want to conform to standards that are usual. They don't want to act in accordance with what people expect. It may seem like they do at times. But that's just a part of their manipulation. It's only intended to deceive you.

So that they can gain power over you. If they really believed in God, they would believe that they have to answer for their actions and behaviors, and then they wouldn't be a narcissist anymore. Because then they would have to think about their decisions, justify their behavior and attitude with logical reasons, and consider the consequences of what they're doing. But they have to be self-righteous. They have to believe that their ideas and behavior are morally superior, as though it's for a good cause, so they're justified in doing it. But this is what makes them so dangerous.

There's no distinction or contrast. They don't honor anything from anyone who has a different set of beliefs. They just pretend. So by default, they can only be destructive. They can only exploit you because there's no incentive for them to be concerned about your well-being. They don't see you as a separate person with your own feelings and needs. In their minds, you're just a means to an end. They deprive you of your positive human qualities, dehumanize you, and remove you from kindness, generosity, and independence. They don't care about anyone but themselves.

They know they're sick, mentally ill, and have strong unpleasant emotions. But they don't see how it might affect other people. They're selfish and self-centered. They don't value anything outside of themselves. They don't even value themselves. They know they're toxic and damaging, but it makes them feel powerful. They end up accepting and embracing their negative traits because it reinforces their sense of uniqueness and importance. They feed off your energy without giving anything back.

They're marked by defeatism, always considering the bad side of things, lacking enthusiasm and hope. They don't believe in God or anything that could hold them accountable because it would jeopardize their survival as narcissists. It's important for them to not believe.

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The root causes of narcissism are in many cultures, that there are women that have been forced to believe they will only be accepted and respected and won'tbe punished if they have given born to a male child. The male child is treated like a "God" made to be superior and spoiled, and groomed to devalue women. There are narcissistic women,that enable this behaviour from many generations. Narcissistic women are intimidate by the new generation of women that have morals and voice their opinions and challenge false traditional beliefs and still believe in the value of the Divine,God in their lives. Narcissistic mother's will teach their sons and daughters to manipulate their spouses and be codependent. Narcissists don't want to…

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