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DO THIS To CRUSH The Narcissist

It's a waste of time trying to reach an agreement with the narcissist. They're never going to see your side. They're never going to see your perspective. You're never going to find your way over an obstacle through discussion. Because they're never going to settle or compromise. They're never going to do anything. Instead, they're going to tell you what to do. They're going to tell you how things have to be. They will take over everything. So you can't reach an agreement with them. You can't communicate with them. It's a waste of time. So maybe we should just admit defeat. Maybe we should give in. Maybe we should let them have their way. But even if we do that, they're never going to be happy. They're still not going to leave you alone. If anything, it will make things worse. Because not only do they need money, cars and houses. But they also need someone to manipulate. They need someone to devalue and degrade. Because they enjoy doing that. So even if you give them what they want, nothing is going to change. They're not going to leave you alone just because you decided to let them win.

Just because you decided to be kind and generous. They will just take whatever you have to give. But because they feel entitled to it, they're not going to feel like you've given them anything. They're not going to feel like you're being kind or generous. Because in their minds, you're just giving them something that rightfully belongs to them. So they're not even going to acknowledge it. They're not going to say thank you. So giving in to the narcissist is not going to change anything. You should just keep it to yourself. Because otherwise you're going to be setting yourself back even more. And you're still not going to be getting anywhere with them. Because they're still going to be aggressive and confrontational. They're still going to be harassing you. Because they enjoy making you nervous and uncomfortable. But they do this because they're actually very insecure. They're more afraid of you than you are of them. And when you realise that, you will become more powerful. And they will have less power over you. So this is what you have to do to crush the narcissist. Don't run away from them. Instead, you should understand that they are very insecure. They are afraid of you. And when you realise that, you will escape from their hold. By cutting contact with them and becoming the most powerful version of yourself. But also by being two steps ahead of them. By anticipating what they're going to do next. Because that will also help you to manage any fears or insecurities that you have regarding them. And when you do that, they will immediately sense it.

They will know that you are no longer afraid. Because they're unable to make you uncomfortable anymore. So now, they will start to feel fear and discomfort. Because you're no longer giving them supply. And that is how you crush the narcissist. That is how you make them nervous. To crush the narcissist, you need to become the most powerful version of yourself. You need to realise that you are better than this. You need to realise that you are meant for more than just being their doormat. Than wasting your life away to serve and please the narcissist. You are meant for greater things. And that is what they don't want you to know. But when you realise that, you will find your true power. You will find your true purpose in life. Which has nothing to do with the narcissist. They have no significance or relevance to what God or the universe has ordained for you. So don't let them define you. Don't let them define your worth. Don't give them the power to do that. You can try to deal or bargain with them to resolve points of difference. But you cannot bargain with your self-worth and self-respect.

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1 Comment

Narcissists don't like it when you stand your ground and challenge them openly.

Narcissists fear you when their behaviour is being exposed publicly "in the family court."

Especially when you challenge the narcissists for the divorce. They are afraid when they are expose for their abusive behaviour and are held accountable. These narcissists can only bully you in private they can't even intimidate you in court because these narcissists need to be on their best behaviour. You do get vindicated eventually.

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