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You Are The Narcissist's Human Sacrifice

The narcissist expects you to sacrifice your life for them. They expect you to give up everything you have. Because they have nothing. They have no goals or dreams. They have nothing they're working towards. They have nothing to be proud of. They're just getting by. So they're always looking for someone to take care of them. They're looking for someone to support them financially. They are parasites. They live off other people. They live at other people's expense. They go from job to job, person to person. Because they get bored very easily. They're never satisifed with what they have. They always want more. But they don't think that they should have to work. They feel entitled to large amounts of money. Which they don't want to work for. So they will end up controlling your money and your life. You may have a good job. You may have plenty of money. But you will end up short of money.

You will end up needy and wanting if you are dealing with a narcissist. You will end up poor and disadvantaged. Because the narcissist has all of these needs and desires. They will destroy you financially. And they don't want to work. They don't feel that they should have to work. They feel entitled to other people's money. They believe that they are deserving of it. Even though they've done nothing to earn it. And you've only got to look at their past relationships and situations to see that. They've always depended on other people for money. And they feel like people have let them down. They feel like people have not given them enough attention. And when that happens, they will cause drama and chaos And then they will move on. They will find someone else and do the same thing all over again. They will leech off you until you're forced to engage in fraud to stay out of trouble and difficulty. Because they will refuse to work. They will force you to support them. And they will make it very difficult for you to work. By them not taking care of the children or other household responsibilities. You may end up having to employ a nanny or caretaker. While the narcissist stays at home and does nothing. Your life will revolve around catering to their needs and desires. And even then, they will still steal your money and property. And they may even be waiting for your inheritance. But they will make you feel bad for spending your own money.

Money that you have earned. Money that you have worked hard for. They will move into your house and cause problems for you. And take everything you've got. Because they're just looking for a place to live. They stay with you because they don't have a home. They don't have anything of their own. They don't have any money that they've earned from a legitimate practice. They will often resort to being involved in illegal activities to earn money. Or they will leech off their victims. But they will have the nerve to make you feel like you're not doing your fair share of work. They will make you feel like you have to do more. They will compare you to their past victims whom they have exploited. While they're not doing anything for you. They will never be satisfied with anything you do for them. They will always expect more. They will feel like they're too good for you. They will feel like you owe them something. When they don't have any reason to be owed anything. They're not doing anything for anyone. They're not contributing anything of value to the world. They just have an inflated sense of entitlement. It's all in their head. They're crazy. They're detached from reality. And they expect you to participate in their fantasy. You are the narcissist's human sacrifice. They think everything they have belongs to them. And they think everything you have belongs to them. They will never feel the need to share anything they have with you. But they believe that everything you have is theirs. And they have no interest in you as a person.

They don't even care about you. They don't want to listen to you talk about yourself. They don't care about who you are. They don't care about what you might want and need. Which is why the longer you stay with them, the more your health and finances will deteriorate. Because they want all of your time, energy and money. But they expect you to be ok with them leaving and doing whatever they want whenever they want. And if you're not ok with it, they will get angry. They will bring up things that you've done in the past. They will exaggerate it. They will make stuff up. To put the focus on you. To take the focus off themselves. Because they don't want to be held accountable for their actions. They feel entitled to do whatever they want. They don't think that they should have to answer to anyone. Which is why they will never apologise. They will never take responsibility for what they've done. They will never try to make things right. Because they don't care about what you're going through. They don't care about how much it hurts you. Because no matter what they've done to you, in their minds, it's always your fault.

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Tammy Leo
Tammy Leo
28. Dez. 2022

Thank you for the smack down!

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