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You Are More Than What The Narcissist Did To You

Don't define yourself as a victim. Because when you see it as though you were wronged, you complain. You become very angry or worried. You want people to feel bad for you. Because you feel bad for yourself. And people can sense it. People know when you have a victim mentality. They know when you feel like the world is against you. They can see that you're tired. They can see that you have a lot to deal with. But this mentality is not serving you. It just makes you look weak and helpless. It doesn't help you to advance. It doesn't change anything. But there is a way to get what you want. And that is by moving away from what you don't want. By becoming who you want to become. And it all starts by realising that life is not against you. Because it is your responsibility to take the next action and decision in this situation. And until you do that, you will never be happy. You will never feel passion for anything. Which is why you need to talk to yourself. You need to realise that you don't want to live like that anymore. You don't want to be a victim. You don't want to keep complaining. Because you want something more. You have goals and dreams. You want something greater. And you will make a decision to get what you want. Because you realise that you are the leading role in your life. And you get to determine how you interact with your supporting cast and the other characters. Because up until this time, you may have allowed the events in your life to affect and control you. Rather than taking deliberate action to write your own story. Because it's not easy. And it takes time. But there is always a way for you to move forward.

Some people choose to accept their current conditions. They will complain about it. But they won't do anything to change it. While other people will see the potential in that situation. They will see the capacity to develop it into something in the future. And when you do that. You will be amazed that up until that point you were living your life like a hamster on a wheel. You were always busy, but you were never really achieving anything or reaching the end of a task. It was a continuous and repetitive cycle. A way of life in which you were trapped. Where you were surrounded by people who didn't give you vitality or enthusiasm. People who you didn't want to be around. You did things you weren't passionate about. Things that didn't make you feel alive. Which is crazy. Because you were doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different result. When if you don't like something, you should do something to change it. Instead of complaining. Instead of just staying where you are and accepting it. You need to develop this mentality of figuring things out. Even when things get difficult or challenging. Which is what I have done in my own life. And it has inspired and motivated me. To see people achieving success and financial freedom. To see people getting what they want. And the difference between those people and everyone else. Is that they know they deserve it. It's not because they're stronger or more intelligent.It's not because they have exceptional talent or natural ability. They just moved towards what they wanted. They didn't see themselves as victims. They didn't cry or complain. Because they were more focused on the opportunity. They were more focused on what they want.

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