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Why The Narcissist Will Never Care About You

The narcissist will never care about you. They're self absorbed and they lack empathy. They only care about themselves. That's how their disorder is designed to work. They care about their own needs. They care about survival. They do not care about your emotional or financial investment. They don't care about how many years you have spent with them. It means nothing to them. They don't care. Because that's not how their disorder is designed to function. It can't function if they're constantly worried about other people's needs. All they care about is supply. All they care about is what you can do for them. What value and stimulation you can provide to their lives. Everything has to be about them. You become their entertainer. You have to provide them with constant amusement and enjoyment. But you cannot blame the narcissist. You have to accept that this is just the nature of the beast. I got bit by a monkey in Thailand a few months ago. But I didn't blame the monkey. Because I understand that this is just what animals do. You are expendable to the narcissist.

You are of little significance to them. And therefore you are able to be abandoned or destroyed at any moment. They just use you to advance their own agenda. And then they dispose of you. Because they don't care about your feelings. They don't care about your emotions. They don't care about all of the money you invested in them. Because at any moment they could leave you for someone who has more money. You can try to be everything that they want you to be. You can try to do whatever they want you to do. But it's not going to change anything. Because it has nothing to do with you. It's just the nature of the beast. Which is why it's so important to stop seeking validation from the narcissist. And become more aware of what you are actually dealing with. Because all of those old values and beliefs you had of the narcissist have never served you. Just look back at your relationship with the narcissist and you will see that they treated you as an emotional tampon. They walked all over you. They never respected you. They smeared your name. They damaged your reputation. Because they never cared about you. They only cared about themselves. But sadly, everything in today's society is designed to enable these narcissists. It pedestalises them. It fuels their disorder. So that they can chase after new sources of supply. So not only does the narcissist not care about you, but even society doesn't care about you either. We are disposable. We could be thrown away at any moment. Because they don't care about you. Which is why you need to live for yourself. You need to live life on your terms. Which is actually very attractive to a narcissist. It will make them chase after you. And then they will try to pull you back into their realm. But this is what you should be doing. You are wired to stay on your path and purpose. And not make the narcissist the center of your world. When you stop making the narcissist the center of your world, that is when they will want to follow your lead. That's when they will want to become a part of your life. But even then, if someone else came along who was more attractive, or had more money and success... Eventually the narcissist would leave you. And all of the time you spent together... All of those sentimental moments and emotional memories. It wouldn't mean anything to them. Which is something that you need to be aware of. Because then if one day the narcissist just decides to leave you, it's not going to be so shocking to you. Because then you will understand that it's just a part of their nature.

So although it might annoy you, it's not going to shock you as much. Because even if they find a new source, every supply has an expiry date. They cannot be happy with anyone for long periods of time. The narcissist will never care about you. Even society doesn't care about you. Which is why court systems are set up to protect narcissists. Just turn on your television and you will see that they glorify narcissists.

As though it's something that people should admire and respect. Because no one really cares about us. Especially narcissists. Sometimes it might seem like they care about you. But they will only seem to care about you, as long as they think you can contribute something of value to their lives. Because all they really care about is their own survival.

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You nailed it. I must’ve been pretty good supply to last 32 years with a covert psychopathic female narcissist. I always thought she was a ticking time bomb, but most of us didn’t have the luxury of time to study the mental state or personality traits of our spouse. Working 12-16 hr days to keep the lights on, was my game when we started out. I had no clue these demons existed until we started living like we were roommates all of a sudden. So by the time I started down the rabbit hole on narcissism, the cruelest most inhumane treatment and ultimate discard had been laid at my feet. I’m paying $360 per week to live in a motel…

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