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Why The Narcissist Reappears

The narcissist will return. It might be after a few days or weeks. Or it could be after a few months or years. And it can be quite surprising. It can catch you off guard. Because you don't expect them to return. The relationship ended. You processed the emotions. You began your healing journey. You moved forward in a healthy way. But then the narcissist returns at this unsuitable time. When you were just beginning to move on and forget about them. When you were feeling confident in yourself. They come back to test you. To pressure you and reveal your strength. But they won't always do this directly. They may spy on your social media.

They may stalk and harass you. They may use their flying monkeys to spy on you. And there is a reason why they're doing this. There is a reason why they're trying to come back. And it's to punish you for trying to move on. For thinking that you deserve better. As soon as you start to feel comfortable, they will return. Unless they know you're no longer susceptible to their manipulation. Unless you've figured out their game. Then they won't return to you. Because they know you're too smart. They know they can't deceive you. So they're not going to waste their time. They will just find another unsuspecting victim. But if they think you're still under their spell, they will return to you. And they will return for supply.

They will be watching you. They will create fake accounts. They will be comparing themselves to you. Because they're always trying to be better than you. And if they see that you're doing better than them, they will want a piece of the pie. Because they couldn't find someone else at your level. They couldn't find another grade A source of supply. They're not satisfied with the new person they're with. So they're still holding on to you. They're trying to return to you. And they make come back with fake apologies and false epiphanies. They may say that they've changed. But they're only doing that to benefit themselves. They're not doing it to benefit you. They have nothing to offer you. Everything the narcissist does is self-motivated.

They're not motivated by your desires or interests. And that is why you never get what you want. Because it's all about them. So they will hunt you down and feed on you.They will take advantage of your kindness and generosity. But if you have been watching my videos, you have the knowledge now. You know what they're trying to do. You know what you don't want in your life. But before you watched my videos, you didn't know about this. You thought everyone wants the same thing. You thought we all have shared interests and motives. But we don't. Narcissists are motivated by their own self-interests. They seek to take everything away from you. And to leave you in a condition where you're no good for anyone else after they're gone.

So although the narcissist may return with some story which is intended to make you feel sympathy for them. Do not fall for it. Do not believe it. They always play the victim. They did that when they first targeted you. They told you about how their exes and their family did them wrong. But they were manipulating you. They did everything they could to take advantage of your kindness. Which they saw as a weakness. And as soon as you did that, they turned the tables on you. They devalued and degraded you. And then they discarded you. They play the same game again and again. They all do the same thing. They don't see you as a person. They just see you as an object.

So they manipulate and control you. And they know exactly what they're doing. They know they hurt and embarrassed you. But they got exactly what they wanted. So they're going to do it again. They're going to return to you. Because now you've replenished yourself. You've become stronger and better. You're full of life. You've become a better version of yourself. Because you've taken back control of your life. But narcissists are completely delusional. That's why they come back. Because they actually think you're going to give them another chance. If they didn't think that, they wouldn't even try. They do it because they believe that it's possible. They believe that they can catch you off guard.

They believe that they can take advantage of you again. But even if they don't come back... You have to ensure that you don't go back to them. You have to stay strong and remember why you continued on your journey without them. Don't think of the good times. Don't look at their social media. Because when you do that, you're giving your power to them. You're giving away your control. So don't make that mistake. You have enough knowledge and experience now to make the right decisions for yourself.

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