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Why The Narcissist Is Restless

The narcissist is restless. They are unable to rest or relax as a result of anxiety and boredom. They're involved in constant activity. Because they like to do things quickly. When they first targeted you, they had to move fast. They had to secure you as quickly as possible, before you had a chance to figure them out. They had to fool you. They had to manipulate you. So that they could catch you in their trap. So that they could get you attached to them, before you could figure out who they are.

The narcissist is always on the go. They're very active and busy. They're constantly on their phones. They're constantly on social media. They're constantly seeking out new supply. They never take a break. Which was adventurous and exciting for you initially. Because there was always something new. It was unpredictable. It kept you on your toes. But they were never present with you without any distractions. You never had a deep conversation. There was always something going on. They never listened to you. If you had a conversation, they would just talk about themselves. Everything had to revolve around them. It's like you were just a part of the audience to their movie. They were never present with you. But although they were never present, they always had to be seen.

They had to maintain their relevance and significance. They were always on the move. They were never at rest. There was never a time where they were not active. If they lost their phone or if it ran out of battery, they would panic. They would lose their minds. They could never just sit with you. They could never be still and in the moment. Because intimacy is boring for the narcissist. It doesn't interest them. They don't feel anything. Which is why they're always distracted by other things. And the only time they're not preoccupied with something is when they're asleep. So they never have time to reflect on their actions. They never have time to think about what they've done. But if you say no to them for something, they will remember that. They will remember anything that stands in their way. Because they always have to be on the move.

They're always planning ahead. They're always on their phones. They're never paying attention to you. Because the entire time that they were with you, they were looking for supply. They were looking for attention and admiration from other people. They were never invested in you. Whenever you went out, they were always talking to other people. But they were never talking to you. They were unresponsive. They didn't pay attention to you. They needed interest, enthusiasm, and excitement from anyone but you. Because you were no longer exciting to them. They got bored of you. Just like they get bored of everything else in their lives. They always change up. They're always looking for something different or new.

Which is why when they discard you, everything that they liked or were interested in gets discarded too. It's like they become a completely different person. Who likes completely different things. They're almost unrecognisable to who they were when they were with you. Because they have to adjust themselves to fit in to their new supply. Maybe the new supply likes golf, so they start playing golf. Maybe the new supply likes pizza, so they start eating pizza. Maybe they like drinking alcohol and going to bars, so they start doing that. They're chameleons. They change their opinions and behaviour according to the situation. Which is why you were so confused when you saw their mask slip. And when they turned against you. That's when you started watching my videos. Because it didn't make any sense.

You had never seen this side of them before. You didn't know who they are. But while you can educate yourself on this, you can't change them. Normal people can identify what they did wrong and then make the necessary adjustments. Maybe you made a mistake today. You did something you shouldn't do. So you will learn from it and then tomorrow you won't do it. That's what good people do. They help themselves and they help other people. Which is exactly what we're supposed to do. But the narcissist is never going to do that. Because they think they're better than you. They don't think they need to change anything. They will always be restless and impatient.

They will always be distracted. They will never be present. They will never be able to appreciate or enjoy anything. They will pretend to be happy, if they think that they can get something out of it. But then they will become very bitter and resentful. And they will punish you. Because they can't find fulfilment in things that normal people enjoy. It makes them sick. So they turn against it. And they turn against you. The only time it seems like the narcissist is happy is when they're getting supply. But when they're getting supply, they're wearing a mask. They're not being their true selves. And that is why they can never be happy. That is why they're never at rest.

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This is exactly right!!my husband of 24 years started drinking beer he absolutely hated beer, I was so confused I actually thought he might of had a brain tumor!!! He changed so suddenly!!! Then it all made sense when I met the new supply so sad

Me gusta
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