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Why The Narcissist Is Jealous Of You

The narcissist will flirt with other people. They will behave playfully as though they are attracted to other people. Which is very disrespectful to you. And very inappropriate. But if you even talk to someone else, they will be paranoid. And they will get very angry. They can dish it out, but they can't take it. Because they see you as their possession. They see you as something that belongs to them. So they can't stand to see you getting attention. They can't stand to see other people noticing you. They hate to see you making more money than them. They hate it if you're more attractive than they are.

They will get very jealous. And they will put you down. Because they're resentful of your achievements, possessions, and advantages. They wish they had that. Which is why they may even feel entitled to steal from you. And they won't feel bad for doing that. Because in their minds it's unfair. So they believe that you owe it to them. But it may seem strange to think that the narcissist is jealous of you. Because they always act so arrogant. They act like they have it all. So why would they be jealous of you? Why would they want anything that you have? But narcissists are very insecure. They lack confidence in themselves. They have no inner sense of value. So they have to get their value from other people.

The narcissist is jealous of you. And they have no control of their jealousy. They will deny being jealous of you.They will treat you as unimportant. They will minimise anything that you have. But they're only doing that because they're insecure. And because they feel threatened. If you achieve something great in your work or you buy a new car, they won't be happy for you. They will be really jealous. They will get angry. Because they can't stand that something good has happened for you.

Especially if they don't have anything going on in their lives. They may try to compete with you. Or they may compare you with other people. To try to make you think that you're not doing as well as you think. It's all about winning with the narcissist. They have to feel like they're better than you. So everything becomes a competition. But the things that they are jealous of are the things that they are insecure about. It activates their shame and it makes them feel inadequate.

When the narcissist first targeted you, they saw everything that you had to offer. And they wanted it all for themselves. They wanted to take it from you. So they tried to manipulate you into giving it to them. Because they're jealous of everything you have. Your job, your money, your resources. Even the empathy, love, and affection that you give to them. Which is why they would often turn away and withhold sex from you. They're very bitter and resentful. Because they know they're not like you. They have to manipulate people. They have to take everything for themselves. They have to use people. They have to steal. They have to destroy. But they've seen how you take care of yourself.

They've seen how you treat other people. And they're jealous. But they also want to destroy it, once they've gotten everything that they want. Because they don't want anyone else to have it after they're gone. They want it all for themselves. And that is why they isolated you from other people. That is why they turned other people against you. Or they turned you against them. That is why they targeted your self-esteem and made you feel as though you weren't good enough. Because they were trying to destroy everything that is good about you. Out of their own jealousy. Because they don't have what you have. And because they're very insecure.

If they were confident in themselves they wouldn't have to manipulate you. They wouldn't have to destroy you. And they wouldn't have to discard you. Because they wouldn't be so jealous. But once you start getting stronger and you begin to make more money, that is when they will really get jealous. And they may even try to get you back. Even if they're already with someone else. Because they're never satisifed with anything. They always want more. They always think the grass is greener on the other side. So they will just jump ship. Just like they did when they discarded you.

They're never happy with what they have. Just think back throughout your relationship with the narcissist. Was there ever a time where they said they're in a good situation and they're enjoying themselves? They could never do that. Because they were too busy looking at other people's lives. They were too busy looking at what everyone else is doing. They were jealous. They were comparing their situation with other people. Because they're never satisfied.

Even if you gave them the picture perfect life, they still wouldn't be happy. You could buy them a car. But if someone else has a better car, they would feel like they need something better. Because they're jealous. They believe that they are inherently deserving of privileges and special treatment. They believe that they deserve the best. And if you achieve something great or you buy a new car, they're not going to compliment it. They can't do that, because they're jealous. They believe that they deserve better than you. But they will never tell you that. They will deny it. But they are very uncomfortable with your achievements and success. They need to be better than you.

Narcissists are very jealous people. They're always on social media looking at what other people have. And they're always trying to find ways to get it through manipulating people or stealing. Because they're always comparing themselves to other people. And they're like this with everything. Whether it's cars, clothes, phones, or houses. They're always comparing themselves. And they will do whatever it takes to get what they want. They will destroy people in the process. Because they habitually seek to harm, intimidate and coerce people into doing what they want.

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