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Why The Narcissist GOES SILENT

The narcissist will stubbornly refuse to talk to you. Especially after a recent argument or disagreement. They will completely ignore you. They will refuse to communicate with you verbally and electronically. While you are trying to communicate and elicit a response. Narcissists use the silent treatment as a weapon. It's a means of gaining an advantage or defending themselves in a conflict. To make you feel like you're not even deserving of their words. As though you should just figure it out on your own. Even though you may not even know what caused it. Because narcissists are very sensitive. So anything could have set them off. It could have been something small. Because while it may have been something small to you... It could have been a big deal to them. But they will expect you to figure out what it was. They will expect you to think about it. And they also hope that it will confuse you. They hope that it will eat away at you. And make you think that something is wrong with you.

They use the silent treatment to control your emotions. It gives them power. It gives them fuel. Because it hurts you. It changes your emotional state. Which in their minds makes them powerful. Because now you need something from them. You need their attention and admiration. While they're completely ignoring you. While they're acting like you don't even exist. Anything can cause the narcissist to go silent. You may never know exactly what it was that caused it. But that's just another thing that gives them power. Because you don't know what it is. It will preoccupy your mind. It will drive you insane. Which is exactly what they want. They want you to feel insecure. Because they feel insecure. And that is why they go silent. Because they're trying to regain control. And they can't think of another way to gain control. Because maybe you're better than them in every aspect of your life. Maybe you have a better job. Maybe you make more money than they do. So there's no other way for them to get to you. Their only option is to go silent. That's the only thing they can do. Which will allow them to feel like they have power. To feel like they have some level of control over the situation. Because it puts you in position to gain their attention. But what you should do is enjoy their silence. Because that will irritate them more than anything. They want to be heard.

They want their silence to mean something. But if it doesn't mean anything to you, they will get mad. Because they don't want you to enjoy their silence. They want it to hurt you. They want you to feel pain. So if you're enjoying their silence then you've won. When the narcissist goes silent, sometimes you can't even confront them on it. Because when the silent treatment is finally over, they will deny it. They will act like they were not being silent. They will act like nothing is wrong. They will gaslight you. Until you feel like you're losing your mind. But the best way for you to deal with the silent treatment is just to enjoy it. Appreciate their silence. Because when they're not silent, they're insulting you and putting you down. They're yelling at you. So now you get some peace.

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