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When You Ignore The Narcissist, Expect This

When you stop responding to their messages. When you stop answering their phone calls. The narcissist can dish it out, but they can't take it. They can do it to you, but they don't like it when you do it to them. But you need to do it. It's a part of your healing journey. You need to distance yourself from them. But they will hate it. They will go crazy. They will bombard you with texts and phone calls. To make you give in and respond to them. But if that doesn't work, they will act like they understand you. They may give you a fake apology. They may tell you that they're going to change. But that's just to get your attention.

That's just to pull you back into the relationship. And if you continue to ignore them, they will become more covert. They will stalk you on social media. They will stalk you in person. Or they will get their friends and family members to monitor you or contact you. They will play the victim. They will make false accusations. They will start a smear campaign. They will call you names. They will insult you and put you down. They will contact your friends and family members. They will ask them where you are and what you're doing. And then they will tell you they're on their side. They will try to isolate you. To make you feel like you're alone. To make you feel like you made the wrong decision.

They will play all sorts of games to make you do what they want. To make you go back to them. To get your attention. Because they need attention. They can't live without it. It's their fuel. It's their life source. It makes them feel alive. And they will do whatever it takes to get it. They may even ignore you. But you cannot fall for it. You cannot let them back in. Because if you do, they will punish you. They will want revenge. You need to block them on social media. You need to change your phone number. You need to make people aware that you're not talking to them. You need to avoid any places where they go. Because they will come after you. They will stalk you.

When you ignore the narcissist, it will cause a narcissistic injury. It will make them very angry. And they will lash out at you. They will try to hurt you. They will try to sabotage anything you're trying to accomplish. They will try to make your life hell. They will try to make you miserable. Because when you ignore them, it makes them miserable. That's one of the worst things you can do to a narcissist. Because they can't be alone with their own thoughts. Just think about how much you hate being around them. Think about how miserable it makes you. It does the same thing to the narcissist when they're forced to share their own company. That's why they need to be around other people. Because they hate themselves.

They hate being alone. That's a punishment to a narcissist. They can't imagine anything worse than that.It makes them feel inadequate. It makes them feel unimportant. They can't deal with it. Which is why if you ignore them, you should not take them back. Because they will be really angry. They will punish you. They will want revenge. They will never forgive you. They will hold a grudge. And they will wait until the time is right for them to attack you. For them to make you pay for ignoring them. For making them wait. Ignoring the narcissist will not make them go away. It will make things worse. So you need to be prepared for that. You need to be ready. Because there's nothing more dangerous than a narcissist without supply.

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Nov 06, 2022

I'm sure that he still has supply. But, not the kind of supply I had to give. I had honesty and patience. I had truth and concern. But, he rejected it. He said he didn't have time to take my supply. He disrespected me by making me wait to give him a gift? I have a lot of good stuff to give. But, he didn't see any value in me. I'm sure he thought he was better than me. Now, he's sending out little messages on hooks. I may need a friend but, I know that I am better than someone getting on their knees to beg for one. I'm very special. I'm not worldly and I'm not jaded. I…

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