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When & Why Will A Narcissist Discard You?

Narcissists are great actors. They put on a show. They perform for your amusement. While you think that you're building a meaningful relationship with them. When you're just a part of the audience. To this entertainer, who is the narcissist. And they're aroused by your reactions to what they are doing with you. They put on a performance to win your admiration and praise. Because if there's one thing they want, even more than money, it's your attention. Because then they feel powerful and in control. But eventually, they start to lose interest in you. They perform with less energy than they did before. And they may just walk off the stage. Because they already know what is coming.

They know that their act is no longer attractive or interesting to you anymore. Because all you got involved with was an actor or an actress. And they're always watching your facial expressions. They're looking at your body language. And they're listening to the tone of your voice. Because they get off on your reactions to what they're doing. Especially when they come back and they manage to get you to forgive them. And you have a gleam in your eye. Your eyes glitter. Which is an expression of your excitement and interest. But they also begin to notice when your emotional responses are different. When they are no longer the same as they were in the beginning. When it no longer has the same brightness or effect. When it no longer gives them the same amount of fuel. And when that happens, they already know what's coming.

They already know the curtains are about to close. They already know the show is coming to an end. Because you're not giving them any admiration or praise. You're not giving them an incentive to keep going. Because they're just performers. And you are their audience. And they know that if you're not reacting the same way, then they need to get off the stage. So then they will leave or they will ghost you. They will discard you when you start to figure them out. When you stop giving them the emotional response and the energy that they're looking for. When they're no longer appealing to you. Because that's what motivates them. That's what fuels them. They can't live without it. And that is why they cannot sustain a relationship with just one person. The discard is unavoidable. Because their act becomes boring and mundane.

It gets annoying due to repetition. Because they mistreat you. They damage your feelings towards them. Until you begin to feel differently about them. And that is when they are ready to discard you. That is when they have to get rid of you. Or they will do everything they can to push you away. Because they already know what's coming. They know they no longer have an effect on you. And when that happens, they no longer desire to be with you. Because they already know what's going to happen. They already know their show is coming to an end. But they would rather be in control of it. So that they can avoid humiliation and try to keep their dignity. Because they know you can't tolerate them.

After they've already behaved in an offensive, burdensome and tiresome manner towards you. They destroyed everything they had with you. They broke your trust. So they know they have to leave. They know they have to end their performance and walk off the stage. Because they're act is no longer amusing. You've got tired of it. It doesn't interest you anymore. So now they're no longer interested in you. Because you're no longer reacting to them. You're no longer excited. You disapprove of them now. Because they're unpleasant and offensive. But some of you may choose to put up with it. You may show courage and determination, despite the duress and adversity. But it's only because you don't want to lose everything that you've invested in them. And they know that.

They know that you're annoyed, unhappy and bored of them. They know that you're about to get rid of them. They know that it's coming. Because they pay attention to your body language, facial expressions and tone of voice. So they can get an advance warning of what is going to happen. So that they know when it's time for them to leave. Or when it's time for them to start being mean and disrespectful to you. So that they can feel like it happened under their conditions. Because they are in a position of power over you. Rather than it being because you got tired of them. Because then it's easier for them to deal with. Than it would be if you were the one who discarded them. But when a narcissist discards you, it's because you initiated and triggered it to happen. Because they're just actors. And if their act isn't good enough, they have to walk off the stage.

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