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When The Narcissist Sees You've Moved On

If you discard the narcissist, they're going to be unfavourable of it. They will try to have a negative and harmful effect on it. They will try to prevent your progress and development. You will preoccupy their mind continually and to a troubling extent. They will be constantly talking and worrying about you. They will try to get you back. Or they will become obsessed with your new relationship partner. They will talk about them in a condescending way. They will criticise them. They will compare themselves to them. They will say they're better. Or they may even try to mirror your new relationship partner. They will start acting like them and dressing like them in an attempt to win you back. Because they see you as their property. They believe that they own you. They believe that you will always belong to them whatever happens. If you discard the narcissist and they're not ready for the relationship to end. They will become very aggressive. They will become obsessive. Because they think they own you. You are their property. And no one else can have their property. So if you leave them, they will go insane. And there's nothing you can do to change them. Even if you've been in a relationship for over a year with someone else, they will still think that you belong to them. They will still be obsessed with you. They will pop up at your home. They will pop up at your job. They will be calling you constantly. They will start a smear campaign against you. They will start a smear campaign against the person you're with. They will become obsessed with the other person. They will stalk and harass you. They will disturb you in public. They will make a scene.

They will behave in a loud and angry way in public. They will accuse you of cheating on them. Which can be very dangerous for you. Because you never know what they're going to do next. Which is why you must do whatever it takes to protect your life. Because they do not value your life like you value your life. Your life is more important to you than it is to them. Which is why they become very obsessive. Which is why they don't care about anything they've done to you. They may even try to mirror the new person you're with. Because it makes them feel like they're not good enough. So they will change things about themselves. They will try to act like this new person. And they will try to run you into the ground. They will try to hurt you. Because they want you to feel the pain that they feel. They will try to make you feel guilty, even after everything they've done to you. They were never there for you. But they will expect you to be there for them. They will try to isolate you from other people. Especially people that you're attracted to. Because they don't want anyone else around you. They're very insecure. They're afraid you might choose someone else over them. Which is why they're so controlling. Even if they're the ones to discard you, they will still try to stop you from moving on. Because they're very jealous. And they will still see you as their property. Even if they forget about you. Even if they're bored of you and they've moved on to something else. They still won't want anyone else to be involved with you.

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1 Yorum

Once you engage with (1)Narcassist, past 2nd base,he'll receive owner ship,the deed,2 your well- being(peace,sanity) in multi- dimensions,almost till eternity,if you don't know what to do.A zookeeper(with a brain) will never enter a lions den without education of the lion & understanding,there may be a vicious attack,so he'll PREPARE.This is the mentality to adopt,when dealing with a narcissist .Every 1/2 a move you make & rightfully so, is a catalyst-triggers to 1,000 more problems for years.Why?You joined a GANG& didn't know it.Nor do you understand the only way out is SEVERE destruction,move very far away or death.Why?The same reason a boa constrictor agenda ,purpose of existence is to attack,kill& eat you.

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