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When You're Finally Over The Narcissist, THEY DO THIS

When you're over the narcissist... When you're no longer bothered about not being with them... They become even more bitter and resentful. Because at first you were going through it. It was getting to you. You couldn't think about anything else. But when you start to evaluate things and you begin to form your own opinion... And you put it behind you and you proceed to go about your business... That's when they get mad. Because they want you to be hurt.

They want to annoy you and cause problems for you. They want you to feel like you have been treated unfairly. Because it gives them validation. It tells them that they're still able to affect you. They want to hurt you. They want to see you suffer. That's why they do what they do. That's why they ghost you. Because they already know the effects that it's going to have on you. They know that it's going to affect you psychologically. So they don't even need to see you.

They don't even need to see the damage that it's doing. Because they already understand the effects of their actions. So they know what it's doing to you. But when you finally get over them... They sense that your energy is slipping away from them. Because they're no longer having an effect on you. But if you tell them you've moved on, they're not going to believe you. Because they don't really think that you can heal. They think you're going to be tied to them forever.

It's your energy that tells them that you have moved on. It tells them that you already have everything you need. It tells them that you don't need them. So you don't even need to tell them. Because they will sense it. You opened up to the narcissist. You shared a lot of private information with them. And then they went and stabbed you in the back. They said a lot of hurtful things to you. They tried to discredit you. They took everything that you confided in them and used it against you. Because they want you to remember them as someone who is cruel and insensitive.

Someone who doesn't care about you. They want to leave a permanent mark on you, so that you can't move on with someone else. Because you will always remember how they treated you and how they left you. They want to leave you broken and paranoid. So that you can never trust anyone again. And if that is how you become, then they have won. Because then they've made it your reality. They don't want you to move on. But when you manage to make it on your own...

After everything they did to tear you down... After everything they did to destroy your self-esteem... You have defeated the narcissist. Because they no longer bother you. You accomplished everything they said you would never accomplish. You became everything they said you could never be. You exceeded their unrealistic expectations. And by doing that, you didn't make them like you. You didn't make them finally approve of you. You just made them hate you even more.

They're not going to tell you, but now they're even more bitter than ever before. They can't stand that you managed to pull it off. But they will pretend to be happy for you. They will tell you they always knew you could do it. But deep down, they're blood is boiling. They have steam coming out of their ears. Because your success amplifies their failure. It amplifies their situation, where there is not enough. Because as long as they can keep you down at their level...

Where they don't expect much out of you... Then everything is good. But when you surpass that, you're leaving them behind. And then they know that something has to be wrong with them. But they don't want to look at themselves. And realise that they are actually the one who is the failure. Narcissists will try to tear you down. They will try to destroy your value. But then when they see you move on and you're doing better than them...

That's when things get really difficult and unpleasant for them. And you may not even hear from them when you're successful. Because now the tables have turned. And they never thought that you would be able to deal with the problems and difficulties that you had. They never thought that you would become the person that you are today. They never thought that they would be doing worse than you. So it's hard for them to deal with. They will never tell you that. But the truth is they can't believe it. And they're just waiting for you to fail. Because they're not there to support you.

They're just praying on your downfall. Because when they see you doing well... When they see you getting money... It really bothers them. Because they've already counted on you not amounting to anything in the future. But when you beat the odds, you disappoint them. Because they're hoping that you will never move on. They're hoping that you will never surpass them. So that they will never have to feel like they lost anything. But when you make them feel like they made a mistake... And you're able to enjoy yourself and have fun... They start to feel regret. Especially if you don't want anything to do with them. Because they never thought you'd be able to do that.

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