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When The Narcissist Sees You're Not Weak

Narcissists are always seeking supply. They're always seeking people to give them attention and admiration. Money and power. So that they can feel good about themselves. But if you have strong boundaries, you're not going to fall for it. You're going to avoid them. While people who suffer from emotional dependency may become their primary source of supply. Narcissists don't really want to target strong people. But they don't have a choice. They need people who are powerful and well built. People who are able to withstand great pressure and force. People who are not going to break down so easily. But those types of people are likely to be resistant to the narcissist. They're not going to fall for their game. But the narcissist is not going to accept them for who they are. Strong people have high self-esteem. They're confident. They know what they want. Which the narcissist will see as a threat. But that's not going to stop them, because they're very arrogant.

They have an exaggerated sense of their own abilities and importance. So they will continue to pursue them. To secure them as their source of supply. The first thing the narcissist has to do when they come across someone who is powerful and dynamic. Is target their self esteem. They have to lower their confidence in their own worth and abilities. They have to make them question themselves. They may also lovebomb them to gain control of them. But if that doesn't work, they will play the victim to gain their sympathy. Because they don't really care about what people think of them. They don't care if you pity or feel sorry for them. As long as they've got your attention, that's all that matters to them. Because they need to feel like they're important to you. So they will play the victim. They will beg you for your help. They will say that they have no one else to turn to. When the narcissist sees that you're strong, they will act vulnerable and weak. Because that is how they will gain access to your life. Until you begin to think they're not a threat. Until you finally let you guard down. And even though you may have helped them out of a pit. They will turn around and throw you in there. And then they will continue on their way. Without any regret or remorse for what they have done. They won't feel anything for you. It will feed their ego. It will boost their self esteem. They will feel like they're this top dog who has conquered you. Who has taken you down. It will give them a sense of superiority.

When the narcissist sees that you're strong, they will try to find your weaknesses. They will try to find your achilles heel. They will try to get you to confide in them. So that they can find out secrets and personal information that they can use to deceive people and turn them against you. They will do anything to make you feel uncomfortable. They will turn your family and friends against you. Because they want people to hate you. They want all of the attention for themselves. And they see you as a threat. They see it as though you're taking the spotlight away from them. So they will always be looking for ways to hurt and betray you. And they will try to get everyone in on it. They will try to get everyone involved in their activities and plans. They will go out of their way to make your life miserable. It will become an obsession for them. Their life will revolve around dominating you. They will cheat, lie and steal from you. They will go all out to get what they want. Because they can't stand that you are more powerful and successful than they are. They can't stand that you see through them. They hate your strength and independence. They want to destroy it. They want to take it away from you. And they will not stop until they get the result that they want.

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