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When The Narcissist's Time Is Up

Narcissists are great actors. They're there to entertain you. To provide you with amusement and enjoyment. While you're thinking that you're building a meaningful relationship. But you're just an audience. You're just watching their performance. And they're the star of the show. And they're putting on this show to get reactions out of people. All they care about is your reaction. They perform for attention and validation. For praise and compliments. For admiration. That's why they put on a show. That's why they perform. It's more important to them than money. Because it makes them feel desirable and attractive. Powerful and important. It makes them feel in control. But then one day, they don't want to deal with you anymore. They engage with you with less effort and energy. To do less than what is usual and necessary. They move away from you aimlessly. Because at some point, they realise that you're not responding to them in the same way as you did before. You're not encouraging and supporting them as their audience. You're not cheering them on.

So at some point they just stop what they're doing and they leave. Because they already know what's coming. And they don't want to be removed from the stage. So this is what they do when they realise that their act is no longer captivating you. Because that's all it was. They're actors. And you were watching a performance. You were being entertained. And they were paying attention to your reactions to their performance. And they realised that your reactions were different to how they were in the beginning. Which no longer had the same effect on them. It no longer gave them fuel. So it was like an audience showing disapproval of a performance. You were showing them that you didn't like their act. You were unknowingly rejecting them. Because you were no longer applauding them. You were no longer reacting postiively to their performance. You were no longer encouraging or supporting them to continue with what they were doing. So they will see it as though it's time for them to get off the stage. They will disappear. Because you've figured them out. You're no longer reacting to them in the way that they desire and expect from you. Because they're no longer attractive or interesting to you. So they're not getting the praise and admiration that you were giving to them in the beginning. Which is what fuels them. So they cannot sustain you. They have no choice but to discard you. Their act gets annoying due to their repetitious actions and events of them mistreating your love for them. Until you start to feel differently about them. And you start to react differently to them. And that is when they have to push you away. That is when they have to get rid of you. Because they already know what's coming. They know what's about to happen. They know you're getting tired of them. And once they realise that their act is no longer having the same effect on you. They no longer desire to be with you. Because they know that at some point it's going to end. But they would rather be in control of it. They would rather be able to say that they discarded you or pushed you away. Or to say that something is wrong with you or you weren't good enough for them. Because they destroyed the relationship. They disrespected you. They betrayed your trust. So they know they have to leave. The curtains have to close. They have to end the performance that they were putting on for you. Because it's become negative and boring.

You're tired of their act. It doesn't excite you anymore. So it doesn't excite them. It doesn't fuel them in the same way as it did before. Because you're no longer enthusiastic about them. You're showing your disapproval of them. So even though you may choose to stay with them. The narcissist knows it's only because you don't want to lose something you've invested all of your time, energy and money into. They know you're fed up of them. They know you're going to end up getting rid of them. Because they're constantly observing your body language, tone of voice and facial expressions. To identify where things are going. So that they can determine when is the best time for them to start being mean to you. And then they can say to themselves that they were in control of it. And that they made the decision to leave you. It gives them an illusion of power. Which makes it easier for them to deal with. Than if you were the one to leave them. But at some point the realise their time is up. And they realise that based on your reactions to them. Because they know they're just an actor. And if their act isn't good enough, they have to walk off the stage.

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