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When The Narcissist Gets Older, EXPECT THIS

Narcissists are self absorbed. They lack empathy. They're arrogant and entitled. They only care about themselves. And they will disagree with anyone who criticises or challenges them. They don't like to display any vulnerability. Which means that they never really connect with anyone. They develop fake friendships that are based on superficial things. And these often end as they get older. When those people realise that it was based on a false pretense. Or they abandon them for their own safety. And then the narcissist will feel lonely. They will become depressed. Because they're not getting attention and validation. As the narcissist gets older, they may become sensitive about their age. Because they fear losing their looks. They may buy lots of anti-ageing products. They may have botox or plastic surgery. They may try to look younger. They may meet younger people.

Some narcissists will hold their children back in life. They will criticise them. They will sabotage them. And even if they still manage to succeed, they will take credit for their success. But as the narcissist gets even older, they will become even more weak and fragile. Even plastic surgery will not be enough to conceal their age. And they won't be able to do the things that they used to do. When this happens, they tend to live in the past. They focus on their past achievements. And they will use them to establish their sense of superiority. Especially over those who are younger than them. They will still be arrogant and entitled. They will still throw temper tantrums if they don't get their own way. They don't get better with age. They don't develop a softened character. They don't become matured by experience. They may become even more unkind. They may show an unreasoning desire for revenge. Because in their minds they believe that they have been treated unfairly. And that is what they hold on to as they get older. They play the victim. Because all of their relationships have failed. And they didn't achieve as much as they wanted to. But they're not going to blame themselves. Instead they will say that they sacrificed their lives for their partners or their children. But no one appreciates it. They will become very bitter and resentful towards their ex partners and children. Because as they age, they have nothing else to do but complain. They will bring up things from the past. They will repeat the same stories again and again. Because it regulates their emotions. It makes them feel better about themselves. But they will never accept any responsibility for their behaviour. They will always blame other people. So that they always have this unreasoning desire for revenge. Which just ends up pushing people away even more. But they will become even more manipulative. Because they hate being alone. Misery loves company. So they will play the victim to get what they want. They will guilt trip people. But eventually people will get fed up of it. They will begin to see through the narcissist's schemes. And that is when the narcissist will begin to make threats. Because they're losing their power and influence.

As the narcissist gets older, everything they've done to people begins to catch up to them. Their behaviour pushes everyone away. Until they begin to feel lonely. And then they begin to enter a downward spiral. They begin to become depressed. They may realise that they're not so special afterall. Because everyone has forgotten about them or no longer wants anything to do with them. They may begin to feel guilty. They may realise that they demanded so much from people, without giving anything back in return. And they may feel bad for those people. They may try to reach out to them. Because by that point, they have nothing to gain from being narcissistic. They know that their lives are coming to an end. But by that point, you will have moved on. You may not want to go back to something that once caused you so much pain. You may feel that it is better for you to forget about them. And unfortunately for the narcissist, that is how most people may feel about them. You may have waited for them for such a long time. You may have wished that they would change and treat you right. But now you realise that you don't even need them anymore. And everything that they once withheld from you no longer holds any importance or meaning. And by that point, the narcissist loses all of their power and influence. And they will be forced to appoint someone else to take their place.

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