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When Narcissists Get Desperate, THEY DO THIS

Narcissists are manipulative and dishonest. They will lie to you to gain an influence over you. To keep you under their control. But when you're no longer susceptible to their manipulation, they will become desperate and destructive. They will think only of themselves. They won't consider the effects of their actions on other people. They will try to dodge responsibility for their actions. By causing you to feel guilt and a sense of responsibility to change your behaviour or to take a specific action. Because that is how they prevent you from expressing your views. That is how they prevent you from criticising and opposing them. Because they don't want you to challenge or confront them. They want to minimise their responsibility. And act as though they are not involved. Narcissists are self absorbed and they lack empathy. They only care about themselves. But they do value their connections and relationships. Because they use them to support their false image. So they will act dishonestly. They will lie. They will cheat. They will steal. They will spread rumours. And they will hide the truth. But they will also play the victim.

So that people feel bad for confronting them. Or so that they don't even question that what the narcissist is presenting is untrue. Narcissists will do anything to free themselves from accountability. They don't want to be held accountable for their actions. They don't want to be responsible. They want to be the authority. They want to make the demands. They want to tell you what you need to do for them. They have no standards of behaviour or beliefs concerning what is and is not acceptable for them to do. They will impose their will on you. But it's a double standard. It's never something that they think they should have to adhere to. The narcissist is never going to own up to their mistakes, without playing the victim. Without acting like their actions were the effect of what was done to them. They're never going to take responsibility for anything that they have done. It's always going to be someone else's fault. Which is why they're never going to change. They will deny, project, blame-shift and gaslight. Until you finally give up and apologise to them. Because they're self-centered. They only care about themselves. Which is they feel no need to apologise to you. They feel no need to correct the wrong that they have done. The problems that they have caused to you. They are desperate people. And they will do anything they can to survive.

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