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What The Narcissist Regrets Most

There is something the narcissist may regret. There is something they may feel disappointed over. Which is the result of something they have done or failed to do. And that is when they see that you have reached your goals. When you have taken back control of your life. When you have become successful. They don't regret losing you as a person. They miss the lifestyle. They miss your tolerance of the abuse. They miss how you treated them. Because it made them feel relevant and important. But they took you for granted. They didn't appreciate you. They thought the grass was greener on the other side. But it wasn't greener on the other side. They ended up in a worse situation. While you moved on to become more successful. To become happier and healthier.

The narcissist is always scanning the environment for threats. And they see your success as a threat to their self-image. So they're very aware of what you're doing and achieving. They know when you're doing better without them. Although they may not know how you got there. And it will shock and surprise them. Because they never expected you to become anything better or greater. If they expected that, they wouldn't have left. They expected you to deteriorate over time. And that is why they had to get out. Because it was like a sinking ship. And they weren't going to go down with you. But they will be shocked to see that you're doing better without them.

They will wonder how it was possible for you. Because when they were with you, you remained the same or things got worse. Because they were the cause of your failures or lack of success. So of course, once they're out of the picture you're going to do better. But when they see that, they get very envious and jealous. It doesn't mean that they want you. They just desire to have what you have. So they will become very bitter and resentful. Because you've found happiness and fulfilment in your life. They will feel like it's unfair. Because they were with you before you came up. It will eat away at them. Because they thought the grass was greener on the other side. But they got it wrong.

It just looked that way in the beginning, because their new situation didn't have any problems. It was still new. Because there wasn't enough time for them to affect it. They thought they could move on to another situation without changing themselves and there wouldn't be any issues. But after some time, they're going through the same things again. And that's when they regret leaving you. They regret not being able to partake in everything that you could be providing to them. Because they know what they've lost. It makes them very envious and jealous. It makes them very bitter and resentful. Because they've burnt the bridge.

They've done so many things that can't be undone. You can't accept them. You don't even want them around you. You can't even be friends with them. You don't want anything to do with them. And they know it. They hate it. Because they have a strong sense of entitlement. They see you as their property. They see you as an object that belongs to them. But you don't want to be around them. You don't even want them to breathe the same air as you. And it really gets to them. Because you used to give everything to them. You were there for them whenever they needed you. But then you cut them off. You treat them like a stranger. You treat them like they don't even exist.

You have no concern for them. After they used to have so much power and control over you. It destroys them. They will try to find new supply. They will look somewhere else. But they won't find fulfilment in anything. Because they're so full of envy and hatred.After they've seen you move on and become successful. While they're still stuck in the same condition. And that is why they stalk you. That is why they're constantly watching what you're doing. Because they thought you would have lost your relevance by now. But you're still continuing to be healthy and successful. And you may want revenge. Because you were trying to make things right. While they were playing games.

While they were messing with you. But you can't let it slow you down. You can't let this situation define you. You can't let it determine who you're going to become. And they're not going to like it. Because they used to fool and deceive you. And you would deal with it. But now they can't do that anymore. Because now you'll say no. Now you'll stand up for yourself. Because they've been taking from you. Without giving anything back to you in return. They didn't have any concern for you. They took advantage of you. They were only there for what you were giving to them. They weren't there for you.

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2022. okt. 30.

Hi Christopher. I wanted to comment under your last video you made sitting in your car. You said, let your self love guide you. I probably wouldn't have even begun to understand what that meant until recently. I was so used to doing everything to please others that, doing something just to please myself didn't seem to feel as good. Today, I woke up in a good mood. I set my goals for the day. I accomplished them. So, that was an example of myself love guiding me. I deserve to create a space that I live in that pleases me. I'm so used to thinking that I have to find a compromise with someone else. But, I felt a…

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