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This Happens When The Narcissist Is In Love

Narcissists can fall in love. But they don't experience the same type of love as normal people do. They have their own idea of love. Because they're self absorbed and they lack empathy. So when they express their love, it tends to revolve around their own desires and needs. It's not about understanding or accepting the other person. It's not about meeting each other halfway. Narcissists are maladaptive. They're never going to change. Even if they are in love. It may even make them worse. They will love you one moment, but then they will hate you the next. They will become abusive. They see love as a game. They enjoy the chase. But once they've got you, they lose interest. They might profess that they love you. They might marry you and have children with you. But then one day, they will get bored.

They will think the grass is greener on the other side. Because they're always looking for the bigger better deal. They're always looking for the next shiny new toy. And then they will forget about everything they've established with you. They will forget about all of the experiences you shared together. They will forget about everything you went through. And then they will move on to someone else, like you never existed. Because they don't really want a relationship. They don't want commitment. They don't want to be intimate with anyone, because it requires vulnerability. And they hate vulnerability, because they fear rejection and abandonment. They fear that if you could see who they really are, you wouldn't want anything to do with them. Which is why they prefer short-term relationships. Because then you don't have enough time to figure them out.

You don't have enough time to see underneath their mask. Because they can only maintain their facade for a certain amount of time. And that's when they will start to become abusive. Which is why they prefer to have at least two sources of supply. One person who gives them constant praise and compliments. And the other who they can abuse. They will manage your expectations. So that you expect as little as possible from them. While they're still able to satisfy their desires and needs. But when they first target you, they will lovebomb you. They will show strong feelings and beliefs about love. Which can be confusing. And this is often what lures people into a relationship with a narcissist. Because narcissists are meant to lack consideration for other people. But they're just doing it to get what they want. Because they know what you want to see.

They know what you want. So they will act oversensitive, as though love is very important to them. They will act kind and generous. But it's a trap. It's a shared fantasy. It's a game. And it's only a matter of time until they flip the script. Because they always have to seem perfect. They can't be vulnerable. They can't accept their flaws and imperfections. They can't accept their faults and mistakes. So when things go wrong, they're going to blame you. They're going to hold you accountable. But they're not going to take responsibility for anything. They will treat you with contempt. They will insult you and put you down. Because they only care about themselves. They don't care about how their behaviour affects you. They believe that they are superior.

So they will treat you as their subordinate. They will look down on you. They will neglect you. They will always put themselves first. They will throw you under the bus. Which will have damaging effects on you. They will mentally and emotionally abuse you. And they may even abuse you physically and financially. Which will leave you feeling very anxious and depressed. It will leave you feeling like you're not enough. When a narcissist is in love with you, they're not going to make your life better. They're not going to make you happy. They're going to break you down. They're going to make your life difficult. And then they're going to leave you and repeat the cycle with someone else.

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Dec 01, 2022

When an empath and a narcissists are in love, I don't think it's a shared fantasy. I think that the empath is more than capable and ready to go all the way. By the time they have been around the person they love for enough time, they see the good and the bad, the good quirky Little things and the big hard things that come up between the two of them. In the end, if they are ready to commit, they will stay because, they didn't go into the relationship with any thought of leaving. The narcissist thinks that they fooled the other person. And, maybe they did a little. But, people who are honest and open are not afraid…

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