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The Simple Reason Why Narcissists Have To Hurt You

Narcissists have limited emotional capacity. They have a low ability to overcome limiting beliefs. They struggle with adapting to challenging situations. They lack emotional intelligence. They have a low ability to perceive or manage their emotions. Which is why they will treat the people closest to them the worst. You are their emotional punching bag. If they see that you're happy, they will fight you. They don't want you to be happy, because they're not happy. So they will take it out on you. They will blame you for everything. They will hold you responsible for their choices and decisions. And this may cause you a lot of anxiety. Because there's nothing you can do about it. You're not responsible for their happiness. We can only make ourselves happy. But because they have limited emotional capacity and they hate their own lives, they have to take it out on someone. Because it's too painful for them to regulate their own emotions.

Narcissists are very sensitive to their environments. They often experience over-stimulation. Where they have conflicting feelings or too many feelings happening at once. It makes them very tired. It causes them to experience emotional exhaustion. As a result of accumulated stress from their personal or work lives. So then they have to take it out on you, to relieve their stress. They will argue with you for hours everyday. Because they're always miserable. They're very unhappy with their lives. They're unhappy with their jobs. They're unhappy with how much money they make. They're unhappy about where they're living at. And they blame you for that. They blame you for their unhappiness. And it never stops. Because narcissists are never truly happy. So they will blame the people closest to them. Instead of looking at themselves and taking accountability for where they find themselves in life. Because it's easier for them to do that. Instead of them going to therapy and making some progress in their lives. It's easier for them to blame you. But it's not because they're unhappy with you. It's because they're unhappy with themselves.

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