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The Narcissist Wants THIS More Than ANYTHING ELSE

There is something that is more valuable to a narcissist than anything else. Something that they deem to be very valuable. And it is something that is more important to them than money. Because they're actually not that concerned about money as you may think. Many of them already have money. And a lot of the acts that they're engaged in aren't making them any richer. And they may even be putting themselves in situations where they could be losing money. Because there is something that has now become even more valuable. And that is your attention. Your taking notice of them. And regarding them as something interesting or important. Your observation and attentiveness. Which results in more radical and extreme views. And more reckless behaviour.

Where people are heedless of danger and of the consequences of their actions. Where people are doing dangerous things and not worrying about the risks and the possible results. Because people are now willingly changing their beliefs... In the hopes that it will persuade other people to change theirs. People are transforming themselves into something else. In the hopes that it will influence and control other people. Because of the exchange of energy and attention. When people used to do it for money. And the more money you gave to them, the more they would be willing to do for you. But now they don't even need the money. They don't need anything material, physical or real. They just need to be seen. They need to be viewed and watched. So now, attention is replacing currency. People are seeking attention. Which they see as being more valuable than money. Which is why you will see more and more destructive acts. And it is actually one of the main traits of narcissistic personality disorder. Because as we all know, narcissists are attention seekers and attention whores.

They're people who behave in a provocative, outrageous and reprehensible manner in order to attract attention. Regardless of whether or not they are attached. They will seek out the attention of other people, to make themselves feel admired and adored. So that people look at them and then they can feel important. And it's being encouraged and promoted. Because people are looking. So they're getting what they want. They're getting attention. At the risk of danger or harm to themselves or other people. Which by this point, they're not even taking into consideration. Because now that's not even a concern to them. Even though they may know that it may cause problems or trouble. But the attention they're getting outweighs that. Because it's more important to them. They value attention more than safety, security, stability and comfort. Which is a serious problem. Because now people are trying to outdo each other. They're trying to be superior in action or performance.

So it becomes very competitive. Where people are trying to copy each other's behaviours and ideas. They're becoming more and more susceptible to other people's influence and control. Because they're willing to copy, imitate, mimic and follow the lead of other people. They're willing to adopt their behaviour and practices. If it means that they can get what they want, which is your attention. Because that's what they're competing for. But now they're exceeding what is usual or reasonable. They're going to great lengths. And it's affecting society psychologically. It's affecting people's minds and emotional states. Because it's being promoted. And it's very powerful and effective, because there's a lot of broken-down people out there. People who are in a very poor condition, as a result of disuse and neglect. People who are negligent of their duties and obligations. People who don't have anything else to do.

So they're out there just looking for some acknowledgement. Just getting the attention that they want. Because they have no higher purpose. They have no meaningful objective or goal. And instead, they're just running around in circles. Hoping that people will notice them. And it's having a very powerful effect on narcissists. Because they're very competitive. And they always have to establish their superiority over other people. They're always seeking attention. So now, they will go out and commit destructive acts. So that people will notice them. Because attention is now the new currency. It has more value than money. Because society is now influenced by narcissism. It's influenced by extreme self-involvement. Where people are constantly wrapped up in themselves and their own thoughts. To the point where they ignore the needs of the people around them.

Which creates a viscious cycle. Because now, the people who aren't getting their needs met, may see that they just need to become more narcissistic as well. Or else they may be left behind. So now, people are trying to outdo each other. Which means that you will see more and more reckless behaviour. You will see more and more thoughtless people who don't care about anything but themselves. Because it's so easy for them to get attention. All they have to do is put it out there and then someone will see it. Because so many people have such a low capacity for intelligent thought. They lack intellectual ability. So they're easily entertained by these destructive acts and behaviours. Which means that narcissism is being promoted. Because there's a reward for these types of behaviours. And that reward is your attention. And while it may have resulted in devastating consequences.

They don't mind. Because they still got what they wanted. They got the result that they were looking for. Which is why you will see more narcissistic behaviour. You will see more people who are only interested in themselves and their own activities. Because we're giving them what they want. We're giving them that identification and recognition. People know who they are. So people will remember them. People will be thinking about them. And that's exactly what they want. Which is why these things shouldn't even be acknowledged. They shouldn't be exposed to the collective consciousness. They should be kept private. And this should be common sense. It should be at the basic level of practical knowledge and judgement. But yet, these behaviours and activities are being broadcasted on the news or on social media. Which is only promoting it and making it even worse.

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Membre inconnu
26 juil. 2023

Yes, very true, as my narcissist are my bosses.

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