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The Clock Is Ticking For The Narcissist

The narcissist is running out of time. They keep getting older. They're losing their charm. They're losing their power and influence over people. Ageing is limiting them. It's preventing them from doing things that they could once do. It's affecting their health. It's affecting their sexual attractiveness. So they can no longer attract people in the way that they once did. It makes it difficult for them to get supply. They go through a midlife crisis. A period of doubt and anxiety. Where they lose self-confidence. Because they're getting older. And they're becoming weaker. And it's outside of their control. There's nothing they can do about it. They can't control their biological clock. So they start to act out. They become very attention-seeking. Because they're afraid that one day they're going to be alone. One day they're not going to be desired by anyone. They won't be able to attract the same types of people. So they become very bitter and resentful.

They get envious and jealous of other people's happiness. And they want to annoy, upset and hurt them. Because they can't find happiness like that. As they get older, they can no longer use their looks or bodies to get supply. So they become even more manipulative. Because they're already insecure. And ageing just affects their confidence even more. They self-destruct. They sabotage their relationships. Because they know they're not desirable anymore. They know they don't have anything to attract or keep someone. So they become very angry and bitter. They're never happy. They're always complaining. Because they're becoming less desirable. They're no longer attractive or useful. And they don't want to do the work to get supply. They want it to come to them. So they become more manipulative. They act like they have more knowledge and experience. As though they can help you with things. So they try to impose their will on you. But they're actually the ones who are dependent on you. They need you more than you need them. And they hate that. Because they don't want to be dependent on anyone. And that is why they become so angry and bitter. Where they will deliberately lead you down the wrong path. Because they have nothing going on in their own lives. They failed at everything they tried to accomplish. So now they want to take it out on you. They want to see you going through it. They don't want to see you succeed where they have failed. Because they're not completely delusional. They understand that as they get older they become less desirable. But they will become even more manipulative. They will become more cautious about losing supply. Because when they were younger, they didn't care about anything. They could find a replacement very quickly. But now they have to hold on to their supply. Because they know it's not going to be as easy for them as it used to be. So they will pretend to cooperate with you. To make you calm and quiet. But it's just because they can't stand being alone. And they will even try to make you feel guilty for not wanting to be around them. When they were younger, they would cause mental suffering and unhappiness to people. But now, because they're getting older, they will act kind and pleasant. They will act like they appreciate you. But that's only because they don't want to be alone.

They're terrified of being alone. So they may act out. Or they will pretend to cooperate with you. But either way, they still don't care. They just don't want to be alone. The clock is ticking for the narcissist. As they get older, they become even more bitter and resentful. They hate everyone and everything. They hate your happiness and success. They're opposed to it. Because it reminds them of their missed opportunities. It reminds them of everything that they missed out on. Because now they're not in a position where they can do that. So they begin to hate everyone and everything. Especially people who are younger than them. They will lead you down the wrong road. They will cause problems for you. If you are around an older narcissist, you need to be very careful. Because they won't have your best interest in mind. They will pretend to care about you. They will pretend to support you. But it's all fake. It's just to keep you around so that they can have a greater impact on your life. Because they're envious of you. They can't stand you. Because they can't do what you do. Their time is running out.

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Dec 06, 2022

Yes, my narc mom started up on me after an auto accident I was victim of. She started to minimize my pain and be annoyed that I could no longer do all the phsyical work like chores, grocery, walk the dogs etc as well as I used to. By "well" I mean as fast, as frequent, as on demand. I started having to prioritize and limit myself or else I would get so exhausted and in pain I would fatigue and pass out. Then when she accepted the reality that I'm injured she would rub it in my face how it's "all down hill from here" and remind me that I was now in my 30's. She then would ridicule me…

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