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NO ONE Is Going To Tell You THIS About The Narcissist

YouTubers are not going to tell you this. Life coaches and therapists are not going to tell you this. Even your family and friends are not going to tell you. And it's not always because they don't know. It may be to suit their own agenda. Or maybe they're just trying to protect you. But I decided to create this video, because I believe you have the right to know. There is something that you need to know about the narcissist. You deserve to know the truth. And the truth is that you're really not that significant to the narcissist. You're not as important to them as you might think. As they may have led you to believe. It's an illusion of significance and importance. I know you felt like you played a part in their lives. You had a position or purpose. You meant something to them. But it's an illusion. They gave you a deceptive appearence and impression. They planted a false idea and belief in your mind. You are never going to be anything important to the narcissist. Because they see you as something temporary.

As something they're not going to need for very long. As something that's only going to last for a short time. It may have seemed like they were excited about you in the beginning. But it's like a child and their shiny new toy. When they first get it, they want to play with it everyday. But after some time, they get bored with it. They don't want to play with it anymore. They neglect it. Because it no longer has the same effect on them. It no longer excites them. And it's the same thing with the narcissist. You're not significant to them. You're not special or important. Which is why their interest in you gradually fades away. It doesn't last long. They're always thinking about something else. They're concerned with other things more than they're concerned with you. Because they have short attention spans. And they're easily distracted. They can't focus on one thing for a long period of time. They get bored. Because after some time, it no longer has the same effect on them. It no longer gives them supply. But when you first met them, they were excited. And in that moment, you were important to them. But after some time, it dies out. It fades away. They no longer feel that same way about you. They treat other people far better than they treat you. They always treat the people closest to them the worst. Because they don't value anything they have. They take people for granted. They see you as something expendable. As something that they can easily replace. Because you're not important to them. You're not special. They're used to you now. They're bored of you. And that is when they feel like they can easily replace you. Without any concern for you. And they're always looking for your replacement. But even if they stayed with you for a long period of time, that doesn't mean they were faithful. They were never exclusive to you. They always had someone else that they were talking to. They always had someone else on the side. They need to have multiple relationships at one time. Because they're addicted to people.

They can't live without constant attention and admiration. So you were never significant to them. You were never the only one. And this is what people are not going to tell you. But you need to realise this, because it's the truth. You weren't. But you thought it was real. You thought they were exclusive to you. But they were never exclusive. You shared them with other people the entire time. You shared their time. You shared their attention. You shared their love and affection. Because you were not special to them.

And no one will ever be special to the narcissist. Because they don't value people. They value what you can do for them. They value how you can make them feel. All that matters to the narcissist is what you're giving to them. If you really matter to a person, they're going to be considerate of you. They're going to be careful not to inconvenience or harm you. They're going to be attentive and thoughtful. They're going to show kind awareness and regard for your feelings and circumstances. That's one of the main signs you matter to someone. If they're not considerate of you, that should tell you they don't have your best interest in mind. You also need to look at their emotional maturity. You need to look at how they respond to certain situations. Because narcissists don't like to talk about anything deep. They don't like to talk about problems. They'd rather brush it under the rug and forget about it. Because it's not important to them. You're not important to them. And no one is going to tell you this. But this is what you need to know.

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That’s okay tho, I figured out about five years into my marriage that I didn’t really matter. After my second son was born, my ex figured that he had me on lock so the devaluation and control got worse. I have no one to blame but myself for why I stayed so long. I wasn’t educated about narcissism so I was waiting for my ex to turn back into the man he was when we first met.

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