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Narcissists Are Toxic

Narcissists Are Toxic. They are very negative. They are always focusing on the absence rather than the presence of distinguishing features. And that is what makes them so harmful and unpleasant to be around. They have a pessimistic, defeatist attitude which affects everyone they come into contact with. They always express or imply denial, disagreement or refusal.

Not only that, but they are always in opposition to you. They always express resistance or dissent in action or argument. And that is what makes them so toxic. That is why they are so unpleasurable to be around. You could be having a great day and feeling good about yourself. But then they come around and start expressing their negativity. They start expressing unnecessary hate.

Or making disapproving comments about someone or something. And then you start to take on that energy. You start to absorb it. And then you begin to feel miserable and dissatisfied with your situation. Even though, before they came around, you were feeling great. You had no problems. Nothing to feel bad about. But no matter how great your situation may be, they will always find something wrong with it. Because rather than being grateful and celebrating the good things in life, toxic people are always focused on the negative.

They are always looking for something that you are missing, rather than something that you possess. The reason for this is that they feel that they are deficient in something. So when you express or display your happiness and satisfaction, it triggers to them to reflect on their deficiencies. On how they are miserable or satisfied with their lives. And they don't want to reflect on that. They spend their entire lives doing everything they can to ignore how they really feel. So rather than reflecting on their own deficiencies, they have to point out something that they believe you are missing.

They have to project their feelings of misery and dissatisfaction on to you. And that is why, whenever you are around these types of people, you begin to feel the same way as they do. But once they have unloaded their toxic shame and feelings of inadequacy on to you, suddenly they begin to feel better about themselves. Everything toxic people do is an attempt to make themselves feel better. To unload all of their negativity on to you, so that they don't have to deal with it. You need to identify that their negativity has nothing to do with you. They feel miserable. They feel dissatisfied.

Just remember how great you felt before they came along. That's how you really feel. But they have to trick you into taking on their thoughts and feelings about the situation. Which is really nothing more than an expression of how they feel about themselves. And then you begin to think and feel in the same way that they do. This is why it is so important to separate yourself from toxic people. Both positive and negative energy are contagious. What the toxic person is thinking or feeling will have an effect on you.

It will infect you. Being around a toxic person is very unfavorable to someone who is positive. But for the toxic person, it gives them an opportunity to unload their negativity. Which is why people say that misery loves company. When toxic people around you, they dump their misery on to you, so that they can feel better about themselves. Protect your energy. It is very valuable, and that is why toxic people will try to take it from you.

They need it to survive. Without it, they would self-destruct. Limit the time you spend around toxic people. Take time each day to refuel your energy levels. Practice gratitude. And practice self-love. It is your greatest defense against toxic people.

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Unknown member
Oct 01, 2021

THANK you NS 🥰,I had to RUN from that TOXIC ,DRAINING and NARCISSISTIC apartementcomplex. The NARCS flying monkeys and stalkers had several times been in that apartement - tried to put on fire 🔥 too while I was outside for 5 minutes . I sensed an strange smell ,I feel the heat - the plate on cookingoven was set on full heat ..😮 It has happened MANY times ,80% of city is against me/smearcsmpaign,STALKING ,monitoring ,tapping etc ..Its going on in whole Norway . I m LEAVING the country SOON ,sorry for all my ALIASES -I must PROTECT my self .. I seeked a SAFE shelter on a farm ,payed for a room.. The narc monitoring the script ,also connected on intercom on a train ..-I…


James Craig
James Craig
Sep 30, 2021

My ex-girlfriend is a narcissist for sure a very mean one at that from the hitting me and Manipulating me. She stole from me lied cheated so many times she even gave me an STD but still I would take her back and please don't think I'm stupid you don't understand my situation this thing was the woman.i dreamed about when I was little I mean she was the one I hoped for my hole life and I still love her but it's all I can take I kicked her out off our place but she all ready had her next guy lined up I was going to tell him about her but I just told him that he woul…

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