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Narcissists and Your Accomplishments

Narcissists are embedded in envy, jealousy - this soon turns into hatred. They are uncomfortable with the thought of your accomplishments - or any progression in your life. They hold a mask of being cool, calm and collected when really they feel infuriated. Likewise, they pretend to be fine with you achieving your goals in life. But deep down they are not happy about it. The thought of your success is deeply painful for them - a reminder of where they did not succeed or did not obtain.

The reason for this - they are not happy with their own lives. Maybe they didn't get to achieve something that they wanted - and you then become a reflection of everything they are not. They cause these things to happen to themselves - they constantly underestimate people and take them for granted. Their lives revolve around hating other people - rather than doing something with their own lives. When they see that you have achieved something - they keep the mask of being happy for you. But beneath the surface they can't stand it.

They take everything the wrong way - they take everything personally. The reason for this - they are very insecure and have an inferiority complex - it triggers their hate, anger and envy. This is their motive for the abuse - it overrides any empathy or consideration for you. They have reptilian brains - often their abuse is impulsive - sometimes it can be calculated. If someone is really happy and in harmony with themselves - they would never feel a need to abuse or manipulate another person.

Narcissists are broken inside - this is why they act out in this way - always having to one-up you, abuse and manipulate. It stems from their own insecurities - instead of focusing on fixing them - they would rather ignore them - distract themselves by focusing on yours instead. They will exaggerate your mistakes - minimize your accomplishments. They will exaggerate their accomplishments - minimize their mistakes

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