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If You Do This The Narcissist Will Lose Their Minds

Normally the narcissist is the one who is making you lose your mind. They're driving you crazy. Because it gives them narcissistic supply. Which is their life source. It makes them feel alive. So they get off on trying to make you lose your mind. Because they have very low self-esteem. They have no inner sense of value. They get their inner sense of value from the external world. Which is why they need excessive admiration and praise. Which is why they devalue you. They put you down. They insult you. They try to control you. Because it gives them supply. The only reason they're paying attention to you is because you're giving them supply. That's why they want to keep you around Which means that you are actually in a very strong and advantageous position. You are the one who is in control. You have the power to make decisions. It's your decision. You hold all of the cards. You are in a position of power and control over the narcissist. Because you're the one who is giving them their source of supply. And they can't live without supply.

They need it to survive. So it's very easy to make the narcissist lose their minds. It's easy to drive them insane. Just figure out what type of supply you are giving to them. And then cut off the supply. Stop feeding it to them. And then they will have to get it somewhere else. Narcissists want to feel powerful. They want to feel like they are in control. But they have no inner sense of value. They get their inner sense of value from the external world. So they're doing everything they can to ensure that you see them as being powerful and in control. So to make them lose their minds, you need to stop doing things that are giving them supply. You need to stop giving them admiration and flattery. You need to stop giving them compliments and praise. Stop doing everything for them. Stop trying to make them look good. Stop obeying their orders. Stop doing anything that gives them narcissistic supply. If you do this the narcissist will lose their minds. If you point out their flaws and imperfections. If you point out their insecurities. Narcissists always devalue their victims. They're always putting you down. They can dish it out, but they can't take it. If you do the same things that they have done to you, they cannot stand it. If you treat them disrespectfully, they will go insane. They hate it when you give them a taste of their own medicine.

Which is how the number one way to make the narcissist lose their minds is to stop communicating with them. Cut them off. Go no contact. Give them the silent treatment. But be very cautious when you do this. Narcissists can be very unpredictable when they lose their supply. It's like you're taking away their oxygen. So they will be in a fight for their lives. It will be like a life or death situation to the narcissist. And they will do whatever it takes to survive. They will try to prevent you from leaving. They will try to make your life miserable. But going no contact is the best thing to do. Because if you stay with them, it's not going to change anything. It's only going to get worse. So let them go. Don't even try to get revenge. Because then you will still being giving them supply. You will still be showing them that you care. You will still be showing them that they're important. The best revenge is no revenge. To smile at their attempts to break you. To go on and live a happy, successful life. Without having the time, interest or energy to even think about them or how they hurt you.

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