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How To Make The Narcissist Want Nothing To Do With You

The easiest way to make the narcissist want nothing to do with you is to starve them of supply. Stop giving them attention and admiration. Stop validating their false self. Whatever you gave to them when you first met them, cut it off. Whether it was your attention, compliments, money, sex. Whatever kept them around in the beginning, take that away and they will quickly lose interest in you. They will seek other sources of supply to provide them with what they need. A narcissist cannot go without supply. They need to feel admired. They need to be constantly attended to. If you cannot give them all of your time and energy, this will irritate them. It will make them very angry and resentful towards you. They will no longer want to be around you. Because they were never with you because they loved or valued you as a person. They were never with you to give anything to you. It was all about what they could get from you. It was all about how you were going to make them feel better about themselves and improve their lives. And when you stop revolving your life around them, they get bored. They get bored very quickly and easily. Because they hate their own company. They cannot be alone for long. They need constant entertainment. They cannot be left alone with their own thoughts. It makes them reflect on how worthless and insignificant they feel.

To make the narcissist want nothing to do with you, all you have to do is take your focus off of them. They depend on your emotional reactions to keep them alive. They will do whatever it takes to get your attention and make you approve of them. They might buy you gifts, have sex with you constantly. Not because they care about you, not because they love you. But because they just want your attention. They want to feel like they're worth something and as though they have a useful purpose. The reason for this goes back to their childhood when they were constantly seeking their narcissistic parent's approval. They did everything they could for their parent, to get their approval. But their parent was more focused on themselves. Which left the narcissist feeling neglected. It left them feeling worthless and insignificant. So now they spend the rest of their lives, doing everything they can to get that approval from the opposite sex. But it's never enough. It never sustains them. Because it's supposed to come from within. We are supposed to approve of ourselves first. We are supposed to validate ourselves. But the narcissist will not self reflect or look within. Their feelings about themselves are too painful for them to deal with. So instead they try to get your approval. They try to get you to approve of them by buying you gifts or having sex with you. And no matter how appreciative you may be, it never makes them feel like they're enough. And that is why they become so angry and resentful towards you. Because when they get angry and try to pull you down to their level, that's just another way for them to try to get your attention. They will try to make you happy in the beginning, but once it leaves them feeling powerless and insignificant, they feel the need to try something else. They feel the need to devalue and degrade you. It forces you to notice them. Which then makes them feel like they exist. It makes them feel powerful. It makes them feel superior to you. Because that's all they really want. They're in survival mode, doing everything they can just to survive emotionally. They don't have the capacity to consider love or respect. They just want to feel like they're enough. They just want to feel like they're worth something. And they will do whatever it takes to feel that way.

To make the narcissist want nothing to do with you, you need to stop reacting to them. Whether they are giving you positive attention or trying to devalue you, you need to practice neutrality. Don't give them any emotional responses. Observe don't absorb. Respond, don't react. And then the narcissist will no longer be able to get supply. They will no longer be able to feed their egos. And they will be forced to seek out other sources of supply. Other people to replace you. But it's never going to be the same. No one will ever make them feel the way that you did. You were their grade A source of supply. And that's why they couldn't leave you alone. That's why you're watching this video. They never change. They just go from person to person. Trying to find someone to treat them in the way that you once did. Before they messed it up. Before they started treating you with disrespect. They were never deserving of you. And that is why they treated you that way. Narcissists cannot be trusted with anything of value, they will only destroy it. They will only see it as something to play with. When they were with you, they got lucky. But they never felt comfortable around you. And once you cut off the supply, they go back to the hole where they belong.

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