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How To Make A Narcissist Regret Their Actions

After everything the narcissist did to you, you may want them to feel regret. You may want them to feel like they have made the wrong decision. Because they put you through things that you didn't want to go through. And that may be why you are watching this video. Because you've realised they don't care about what they did to you. They don't care about how it made you feel. As long as they're getting their needs met, that's all that matters to them. It's all about them. Your needs are not important. As long as they're ok. As long as they've got their needs met. They don't care about what happens to you. There is a way to make the narcissist regret their actions. And that is by going no contact. By taking your attention away from them. Because when you do that, they will sense it. And they won't like it. Because they need your attention. They need you to attend to them. They need you to take them places. They need you to do things for them. And when you give them your kindness and generousity, it validates them.

It gives them an advantage. They profit from being with you. They reap the benefits and rewards. Because you are a high value person. You are kind and compassionate. And that's what they want. They can use that to their advantage. It allows them to prosper and flourish. But when you stop making your life about them. And you begin to focus on your own needs. They don't like it. Because you're not providing value to them anymore. So they get bored. They begin to look for other people to give them attention and validation. Because it's like their oxygen. They need it to survive. Which is why they don't like it when you take it away from them. Because they're heavily dependent on it. If you take it away, it leaves a void. When you go no contact, they will feel your energy slipping away. And they will want it back. So they may hoover you. They may try to come back. Because they desire it. You have what they want. But they recognise that you don't care about them anymore. Which just makes them want it even more. Because they can't have it.

You're not giving it to them. Which presents a challenge to them. Because they always want things they can't have. So to make the narcissist regret their actions, you need to go no contact. You need to take your attention away from them. You need to start focusing on yourself. So that you become stronger and healthier. And when you do that, they will notice. And they will want you back. Because they see that you have changed. But by that time, you will have moved on. And you will no longer want them.

You won't care about making them regret their actions. You won't care about getting revenge. Because you've already given yourself the closure that you needed from them. You realise that it was never about you. It was never about anything that you did wrong. The relationship was destined to end. Because they never considered you. They only cared about themselves. They weren't trying to build a relationship with you. They were just in it to see what they could get from you. And once they had gotten what they wanted, they were planning to discard you. So it wasn't going to end any other way. Your actions didn't influence the outcome or result. It was already predetermined because of their toxic mindset. Because they're self absorbed and they lack empathy. So there's no point trying to make them regret their actions. It doesn't matter if they want to come back. It doesn't matter if they want to talk to you. Or if they want to give something to you. What can they give you? If they had anything of value to give, you would have seen it by now. They can't give you anything that you can't give yourself. So they have no value. They can only give you an illusion. They can only sell you a dream. They repeat the same patterns of behaviour again and again, because it gets them results. It gives them what they want. But it's short-lived. It only lasts for a few months. And then they have to find someone else. They can't sustain a relationship. So no one will ever be good enough. And they don't even think about what they did to you.

They don't care. They don't examine their own behaviour. They don't think about the effects that its had on you. They don't self-reflect. They mirror your behaviour. So when you start focusing on yourself. And you take your attention away from them. They will start to see a reflection of their own insignificance. And they will want it back. You need to start looking after yourself. You need to build yourself up. You need to live your life the way you want to. You need to feel fulfilled. You need to be a high value person. And to do that, you need space to be you. Because that will teach them a lesson more than anything else. You're not going to get through to them with words. They won't even listen. Because they don't want to understand. They don't want to be told that they've done something wrong. But they will be forced to recognise your absence. And that will communicate something back to them. It will tell them everything they need to know.

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1 Comment

Dec 29, 2022

Possibly, I can't get it through my hard head that not everybody is transparent. That some people hold back truths. Thank you for making that video today. I needed your voice to slap me awake. I love the way you smile when you're with your girlfriend. She's very delicate and lovely. You two make a great pair. Sincerely, Carly 🙂

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