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How Narcissists SEE YOU

They see you as an extension of themselves. They see you as a part of who they are. Rather than a separate person with their own wants, desires and needs. Because they're emotionally stunted at the development of a two year old child. They can't distinguish other people from themselves. So they expect you to reflect back to them what they want and how they want to feel. They expect you to give them their worth. By giving them attention and validation. They expect you to provide them with a sense of self. They don't see you as a separate person with your own problems or dreams. They see you as an object that exists to serve them. They see it as though you exist because they exist. They can't comprehend that there could be another reason why you exist. They assume that you exist to take care of them. Because they have an undeveloped mind. They never seperated from their parents and developed their own identity. Which is why they lack a stable sense of self. Because they were never given what they needed when they were children.

Which left them unable to progress mentally. And that is why they cannot see you as a separate person. That is why they are unable to relate to you. Because they see themselves as the only thing that matters. So they just see you as a tool. As someone who is too gullible and naive to know that they are being used. The only way they can experience you is by what you can do for them. They expect you to exist for them. They expect you to cater to them and take care of them. And to follow the existing plan, guidelines and directions at all times. So that they can prove to themselves that they are special and important. Because everything they do is just for themselves. They don't really care about how other people see them or what other people think of them. All they care about is how they see themselves. So people are just the supporting roles in their movie. While they are the star of the show. But people who don't know them tend to have more value in their eyes. Because your value is based not only on what you can provide to them, but what you reflect back to them about who they are. Narcissists are in denial. And they want everyone else to be in denial. By reflecting back to them their support of their false image. So that they can continue denying reality. But the narcissist still sees these people as being imperfect or faulty. As though something is wrong with them. It irritates the narcissist when these people deviate from their direction. But this is destined to happen quite often with them, because narcissists have unrealistic expectations. But they don't care. They want what they want. And they need what they need. And if you're meant to care about them, then they expect you to take care of it. They're offended when you question them on it or when you have needs of your own. They can't accept it when you ask them for anything. Because in their minds, you exist to fulfil their needs. And that is your only purpose in life. It's like they are the child and you are the parent. Even if you are the child of a narcissist.

They will still expect you to take care of them. Because they are unable to take care of their own needs. So they expect other people to do it for them. But when other people inevitably fail due to their unrealistic expectations, the narcissist gets mad. They feel hurt and betrayed. They feel disappointed. And then they want revenge. Because they want what they believe they are entitled to. They believe that you owe them. They have no way of getting what they need on their own. So all they can do is throw a temper tantrum. Or give you the silent treatment. Or they may just ghost you. Because they're always under the control of their own emotions and needs. Even if they don't express them to you. And in the end, they will always show you who they are. They are bottom feeders. They are losers who profit from the fortunes of other people. They prey upon and indulge in your base qualities. So that they can attempt to advance from their low status and value.

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In a way… she beat her narcissistic “brother” in the last Halloween film! Love it!!


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