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How Do Narcissists React To This Information?

What happens when a narcissist discovers this information, how do they react to it? Many narcissists will be indifferent to this information. They won't have any particular interest in the information or any sympathy for the victims. They live in their own world where they believe that they know everything and they are the experts at everything. They may not have any knowledge of human behaviour or have the mental capacity to understand it, but regardless of this they still believe that they know everything and they are always right. They have an exaggerated sense of their own abilities or importance. These types of narcissists who are indifferent to this information are not going to take the time to understand it. They are going to do anything else in their lives rather than trying to develop an awareness or an understanding of what is going on.

Some narcissists will be in denial. They have limited or no self-awareness. So they cannot see these traits within themselves. They can not identify that their behaviour is inappropriate. Even if they do have some level of self-awareness they will invent justifications to feel as though they are right in how they feel or act. By doing this they remain in denial and end up normalising their behaviour. Some narcissists will experience delusional thinking. As a defence mechanism, they hold these peculiar beliefs or impressions that are contradicted by reality or rational argument. They often create their own observations or connections which are not based on any facts or logic. It's just something that they want to believe in their minds. It validates them, makes the situation seem more favourable to them, so they use it as a coping mechanism. Anyone with a certain level of knowledge or experience in narcissism will quickly identify that their observations or connections are not based on reality. They are only used to help them cope and to justify their inappropriate behaviour. Some narcissists will find this information and then project it on everyone around them, rather than reflecting and seeing these traits within themselves. Although it is likely that they may also have narcissists around them as well.

Some narcissists will actually be curious about this information. They are not going to use it to help anyone, but instead, they will use it to improve their knowledge and obtain narcissistic supply from being perceived as being intelligent. They may also use this information to be more efficient and effective at their manipulation. They might identify that we are on to some of the tactics that they use and then they will make the necessary modifications to remain undetected. Narcissists may act as though they don't have any weaknesses or vulnerabilities and as though they are stronger than you. But this is actually to compensate for how fearful and insecure they feel. If they discover one of these videos on my channel or one of the others, they will immediately feel exposed. They will feel shame, threatened and as though someone is attacking them. Their feelings of shame will then cause a narcissistic injury, followed by anger or rage. They may then project and say that survivors of narcissistic abuse are too sensitive, hyperreactive or that they are the real

narcissists, as I have seen someone comment on one of my videos. They may recognise survivors of narcissistic abuse being sensitive or hyperreactive, which is understandable and completely normal because of their association with the trauma. But they cannot recognise that they are also easily triggered and act on their out of control emotions. They are just trying to justify their inappropriate behaviour, normalise it and then shift the blame on to the real victims.

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