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Disturbing Things Narcissists Do When You're Not There

There are disturbing things that narcissists will do when you're not there. There are disturbing things they do when they think you can't see them. But I am going to identify these things, to help you to identify them. Search your room Narcissists will search your room. They will go through your stuff. They will go through your phone. Because they don't respect your boundaries. And they're very paranoid. They always think you're up to something. Because they know that they're being dishonest. So they assume that you must be hiding something as well.

Hoovering their exes Narcissists will hoover their exes for supply. To get attention. To feed their ego. To make themselves feel important. Because they're very insecure. So they will go on social media to see what their exes are doing. And then they will send them messages. And they may even meet them in person without your awareness. When they do this, they will be talking about you. They will be playing the victim to get supply. And to get their exes to step into the role of the rescuer. If you receive any messages or phone calls from their exes, that is a good sign that they are doing this.

They're watching you They're stalking you on social media. They've put a tracking device on your car. They've put spyware on your phone or computer. Or they've installed hidden cameras in your home. Because they have a very obsessive nature. They can't help themselves. They always feel like they're missing out on something. And when you're not there, they know they're up to no good. So they get paranoid. And they assume that you must be doing something as well.

Smear Campaign They're talking about you to other people behind your back. They're playing the victim to get people on their side. Or they may act like they're concerned about you. And then they turn these people against you. They isolate you. Which leaves the narcissist as your only source of influence. It gives them total control over your life.

Addictions When you're not there, the narcissist will be indulging in one of their many addictions. Whether it's food, shopping, sex, alcohol, drugs, gambling, video games or pornography. They will be indulging in something that is potentially harmful. And it will usually be in an excessive amount. Because that is how narcissists regulate themselves. It makes them feel alive. But they don't want you to think that they have a problem. They don't want you to confront them. So they hide it from you. They do it when you're not there.

When you're not there, the narcissist will be up to no good. They will be doing something disturbing. They will be doing something that is unfavorable for you. And they will do it when you're not there, because they don't want you to know about it. They're intentionally trying to hide it from you. But I wanted to share these 5 things to make you aware of it. So that you are able to protect yourself from any unwanted consequences.

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