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Did You Know This About The Narcissist?

Narcissists are manipulative. They're pathological liars. They're very good at hiding things. They know how to make themselves look good. So your best defence against them is knowledge. You need to understand the narcissist. You need to learn things about them. So here are 5 things that narcissists try to hide from people. 1. They are not confident They act confident. They act like they have it all together. They act like they know everything. They have an exaggerated sense of their own abilities and importance. They think they're better than they actually are. But that only exists on the surface. Deep down, they're actually very insecure. They're very unsure of themselves. They created this deceptive outward appearence of being admired and loved. To conceal their less pleasant reality. They don't want anyone to know about who they really are. Because it would make them feel weak and inferior.

2. They don't see you as a real person They see you as an object that exists to meet their needs. They don't see you as a real person. And that is why they don't respect you. Because they don't care about who you are as a person. Their only concern is what you can do for them. Which is why they're incapable of establishing a deep connection with anyone. Because they don't care about anyone but themselves. It's all about their self-interests and needs. There's no such thing as a relationship with a narcissist. It's a transaction. They use people to make themselves feel more important. They rob you. And they discard you once they've drained you of everything you have. Because your value to them is determined by your usefulness. If you're no longer of any use to them, they will devalue you. They will treat you with contempt. As though you're worthless and beneath their consideration. Because all they care about is what you can do for them. And if you can't or won't do anything for them, you're no good. 3. They are sadistic We have empathy. We feel other people's pain. But narcissists do not feel your pain. Hurting you does not hurt them. They don't regret anything they do to you. Because they don't care about anyone but themselves. They derive pleasure from inflicting pain, suffering and humiliation on you. It makes them feel better about themselves. Which is why they will make you seem unimportant. They will compare you to other people. They will make you feel small. They will invalidate how you feel about something. Because they know you don't like it. They know that it hurts you. And they get off on your pain. It makes them feel good. Which is why they will start arguments for no reason. It makes them feel powerful and important. It makes them feel superior. And as though they matter to you. 4. They don't know what they want Narcissists are good at acting like they've got it all figured out. As though they know exactly what they want. And they know exactly what they need to do to get there. But their actions should reveal to you, that they actually don't know what they want. They engage in escapism. They're constantly trying to escape from reality. They're trying to escape the emptiness they feel inside. Which is why many of them turn to addictions. They overly indulge in alcohol, drugs, food, shopping and gambling. They become self-destructive. They will sabotage things that might be good for them. Just to get validation to feel better about themselves.

5. They are envious of your success Narcissists are very competitive. They have to be the best. They have to win at all costs. They can't stand to see you surpassing them. They hate the idea of you being better than them at anything. They see your success as a threat to their false image. It triggers them to reflect on how worthless they feel. Which may lead them to ruin your reputation. These are just 5 things that you may not have known about the narcissist. Narcissists are excellent actors. They portray an image of themselves that is the exact opposite of how they actually are. They are very manipulative and persuasive. They can make people believe in something that is not true.

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