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Did You Defeat The Narcissist?

Did You Defeat The Narcissist?

When you are dealing with a narcissist, most of what they are focused on is trying to get you to react to them. They feed off your emotional reactions, it makes them feel alive. When you express the emotions that try to induce within you, it regulates their emotions. They engage in emotional manipulation because they want to gain power or control over you. They use sneaky, deceptive tactics, to change your way of thinking, your behavior, and your perceptions. They are so determined and desperate to gain power and control over you because deep down they feel out of control, they feel insecure. They don't self reflect to regulate their own emotional state because they're weak and it's too painful for them to deal with. They exploit and manipulate people to get them to express the emotions that they don't want to express. Through doing this, it then regulates their emotions. They have to control how you think, feel, and react to them. You know you have defeated the narcissist when you begin to feel differently about them. You begin to feel differently about engaging with them. You no longer worry or feel anxious when you think about all of the things they did to you.

You're not waiting on them to call or message you. You no longer take them seriously. You no longer believe in them. Because they have nothing of significant value to share with you.

They have nothing to add to your life. But then you reflect on yourself and everything that you have to offer. And you realize that you have more to give than they do. You are no longer afraid to be the best version of yourself. You are no longer worried or anxious that they might try to tear you down. This is when you begin to separate from them. This is when you really begin to progress in life.

When you no longer acknowledge the value in the narcissist, you have defeated them. And they know it, they feel it inside. They can tell that you no longer value them. They can tell that you no longer respect them. And when you begin to focus on yourself and start progressing in your life, they know you're not coming back. They know that it's game over because they never brought anything of value to you. Once you change the way that you feel about them, it changes your perception. It changes the way in which you regard or interpret them. They want to be respected, they want to be admired. They want you to believe that they have something of significant value to offer you. And when you no longer believe in their lies and their illusions, it changes the way that they feel. They feel embarrassed, ashamed.

It triggers them to reflect on the fact that they are just exaggerating their own importance and abilities. In reality, they don't have anything to offer you and they know it. And when you realize it, you have won. You have defeated the narcissist. They are not going to come back to you unless they believe that they can get something out of you. But if you no longer believe in their lies and their illusions, they are not going to come back. They know that you are no longer susceptible to their manipulation. When they know that they can't come back and you have nothing more to give to them, you have won. You have defeated the narcissist. They want to come back, they want to be around you. They want to be around a winner. But they have nothing to give to you. They will only come back if you have something to give to them. And if you no longer believe in them and you no longer take them seriously, there is nothing for them to come back to. You have so much to offer. So much to offer to someone who can reciprocate that back to you. With that type of person, you can build, you can create something significant and meaningful. But with these narcissists, you will never be able to build anything with them. You have more to give than they do. So naturally, all they can do is take from you. They have to trick you into believing that they do have something to offer. But really it's nothing more than lies and manipulation, illusions. They have nothing real to offer you. Nothing that is grounded in reality. Once you realize and accept that, you have defeated the narcissist.

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