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7 Things A Narcissist Will NEVER Tell You

If they told you the truth from the beginning, you never would have got involved with them. You would have walked away. Which is why there is certain information they withhold from you. There are certain things they don't tell you about themselves.

1. They lack empathy They cannot share your feelings or experience. They cannot put themselves in your shoes. They don't care about what you're going through. They have no consideration for you. Which is how it's so easy for them to exploit you. Because they're selfish. So they don't see anything wrong with them wilfully causing pain to you. Because they just see it as though you're weak. They see your kindness as a weakness.

2. They think they're more important than you are They think they're better than everyone. Because they exaggerate their own abilities and accomplishments. They're very arrogant. They look down on people. Because they think they're special and important. Which results in them displaying a strong sense of entitlement. Where they expect you to provide them with privileges and special treatment. But they will never do the same for you.

3. They need supply

They can't live without it. They will do anything to get it. They need constant attention and validation. They need people to praise and compliment them. They need to be in the spotlight. And that is why they can never be loyal. Because they're attention whores. And one person could never be enough for them.

4. They cannot be vulnerable or intimate They cannot establish a deep connection with you. They cannot hold a meaningful conversation. Because they don't see you as a separate person with your own feelings and needs. They see you as an object that exists to serve them. They see you as something that they can use. They can only create the illusion of intimacy by having sex with you. But they will never be loyal. Which is why if you're involved with a narcissist, you will like you're on your own.

5. They cannot be blamed for anything They can't deal with accountability. They can't deal with the consequences of their actions. So they will blame you or someone else. Because nothing can ever be their fault. They can never be to blame. Which is why you will never get an apology. You will never get a genuine attempt to make things right. Because they will never accept their wrongdoing. It will always be someone else's fault.

6. It's all a scam Everything they do is just a trick, a game. It's not designed to benefit you in any way. It's meant to serve them and help them to advance to a higher position. And it's often done at your expense. They're only involved with people if they have something they want. They don't care about you as a person. They see you as an object that exists to serve them. So they only care about what you can do for them or give to them.

7. They're weak and insecure

They act arrogant and grandiose. But that's only to compensate for their low self-esteem. Deep down they feel like they're not enough. And that is why they have to manipulate and exploit other people. And it's also why they hate being questioned and confronted on their behaviour.

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