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5 Ways To Put A Narcissist In Their Place

Do you feel like the narcissist is always winning? Do you feel like they're always getting away with things? Here are ways to put a narcissist in their place.

1. Start confronting them. Start bringing things to them. Start calling them out. Tell them that things they're saying or doing are not making any sense. It will keep them off-balance. It will keep them off their game. It will put them in their place. And it will put you back in control.

2. Don't react. They will deliberately annoy and taunt you. They will try to get under your skin. Because they want you to react. They want you to get emotional. So that they can point the finger at you and call you the crazy one. While they're sitting back acting unbothered. Because they want to bait you in. They want to trigger you. So do not react.

3. Catch them out. Narcissists are pathological liars. They always lie. So you need to catch them out in a lie. You need to expose them.

4. Act unbothered. Don't show any concern. Don't show them that you care. Act like they don't even exist. As though you have other things that are more significant to you. As though you don't care about what they're trying to do.

5. Don't defend yourself. Never defend yourself to a narcissist. Because when you do that, you're agreeing with them that there is a problem. You're giving them the authority over you. You're giving your power to them. So don't defend yourself to them. Instead, you need to be making the attack on them. You need to be calling them out.

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