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5 Ways To Make A Narcissist RESPECT You

You should always respect other people. And they should respect you. It should be reciprocal. But it doesn't work that way with the narcissist. Because you will not get respect from them. They will manipulate you into believing that they respect you. But with time you will begin to see that it's all an act. Because they don't respect anything. They don't even respect themselves. Which is why they will go and do whatever they want to do. Because they don't respect you. They see people as objects. And they believe that they came to this Earth to take whatever they can from people. Whether it's attention, praise, admiration, compliments, money or sex. But they don't believe that they should ever have to give anything back to you. Because in their minds, you are an object that exists to serve them. You're meant to be there for them. They don't need to be there for you. You're meant to wait for them. While they're out seeking other sources of supply. While they're out looking for your replacement.

Which is why when you arrange a meeting or engagement with them, they don't respect your time. They will turn up late. And they won't think anything of it. Because they like the idea of people waiting on them. They love to be the center of everyone's attention. They expect the world to revolve around them. They don't want to assist you. So it's a toxic relationship. It's someone who you should avoid. Because they're not going to be anything good to you. But if you really want to make them respect you, I have 5 ways for you to do that. 1. Be distant If you want a narcissist to respect you, you need to be distant. Because they don't value or respect anything that is close to them. Or anyone who wants them. They see it as though if you're so great, then why are you around them? They're very insecure and they have low self-esteem. Deep down they feel they're not enough. So they see it as though if you choose to spend time with them. Then something must be wrong with you. And they will push and provoke you, to find out your weaknesses. Until they develop some level of control over you. And then they won't respect you. Because they're always testing you. Even when they first meet you. Which is why you need to stay distant from them. If you want them to respect you.

2. Don't depend on them for anything You should never depend on a narcissist for anything. Because they're very unreliable. They will always disappoint you. They will always let you down. Which is why you need to be independent emotionally and financially. You should never need to be with them. You never be waiting for their text or phone call. You should never need them for anything. Because if you do, they will instantly lose respect for you. Because they don't respect anyone who needs them for anything. But if you are emotionally and financially independent, then they will respect you more. 3. Have something that they want If you want the narcissist to value and respect you. You need to have what they want. So they need to see that you are greatly admired and respected by other people. They need to see that you have a lot of influence. Narcissists respect celebrities and CEOs. They respect people who have a lot of money and power. Because they want to be a part of that.

4. Pretend you don't know Pretend you don't know who they are or what they're about. Pretend you haven't figured them out. Pretend to value and respect them. Because they don't respect anyone who knows who they really are. Once you've figured them out, they will turn against you. And they will begin to hate you. 5. Respect yourself If you want a narcissist or anyone else to respect you, you must respect yourself. You must be confident and self assured. Narcissists are always looking for people who they can manipulate and control. People who can make them feel better about themselves. Because they're very insecure. But if you're not going to be that person for them, then they will respect you more.

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