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5 Reasons Why Narcissists Ignore You

Sometimes the narcissist will ignore you. They will give you the silent treatment. They may cut contact with you And you may be wondering why? Why aren't they talking to you anymore?
1. Narcissistic injury You may have injured their fragile ego. You may have hurt their dignity and pride. But you may not know about it. Because they won't even tell you. And it could be something so small. It could be a slight criticism. But that could be why they're ignoring you.

2. They're bored of you Narcissists get bored of people very quickly and easily. They need constant amusement and entertainment. So when they get bored of you, they will get rid of you. They will keep you at arm's length. Or they will put you on the shelf. They will treat you as unimportant. As though you're not worthy of their time.
3. To regain their control They feel like they've lost control over you and the relationship. So they will ignore you, to try to get you to notice them. To make you want them. They will act like you don't exist. Because they feel like they have lost control. Maybe you caught them out in a lie. Maybe you caught them cheating. So they feel like they have lost control.
And to regain control, they will ignore you. They will try to make you want them.
4. To make you want them more To make you want to talk to them, they will stop talking to you. Because it puts them in control of the relationship. If they can ignore you to make you want them more.
5. To hurt your self-esteem Sometimes they will ignore you just to hurt you. To make you feel bad about yourself. To make you feel unimportant. As though you're not even worth their time or attention. As though you don't deserve them. Because maybe you're trying to hold them accountable for something they've done to you. Or maybe you achieved something.
Maybe you got a promotion at work. So now they have to ignore your achievements and success. To pull you down to their level. They have to devalue you to regain control.

These are 5 reasons why narcissists ignore you. But it always comes back to control. The narcissist is ignoring you because they are trying to control you. Because they are very jealous and insecure. Thank you for watching. If you found this video helpful, please give it a thumbs up. Share your thoughts in the comments section.
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