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4 Reasons Why Narcissists Move On So Quickly

Narcissists move on very quickly after they discard you. And it can be a very painful experience for you. You may be suffering from overwhelming distress. You may be experiencing shock and grief. You may feel broken and confused. But while you're going through all of this, the narcissist has rode off into the sunset with someone new. As though you never existed. As though you never meant anything to them. They're not suffering. They're not going through anything. It didn't have any effect on them. They may even look happier after they have left you. And you may wonder how this is possible. After they spent so much time with you. After everything you went through together. But your feelings don't affect them. They don't care about how you feel. Which brings us to the first reason why narcissists move on so quickly.

1. You never meant anything to them They moved on so quickly because they used you for a practical purpose. It was just for recreational use. They saw you as an object. Which they used for their own amusement and enjoyment. And once they got bored, they went and found someone else. Because you never meant anything to them. You were just their supply. And after some time, your supply lost its potency. People don't have any value to the narcissist. They don't see you as a separate person with your own needs. They only value what people give to them. They don't value who you are. 2. They lack empathy Narcissists lack empathy. They lack the ability to share your feelings and experience. They lack the ability to put themselves in your shoes. So they cannot connect to you on a deeper level. They cannot attach to you in the same way that you attach to them. Which is why the relationship was always superficial. And it always revolved around their needs and emotions. There was no real love or connection with them. It may have felt real for you. But it was never sincere on their end. It was transactional. They were only in it for what they could get. They just saw it as a game. And it was a game that they wanted to win. They may have made false promises about your future. But they never followed it up with action. They just used it to manipulate and secure you as their source of supply. And because they lack empathy, they don't care about your feelings. They have no consideration for you. They only care about their own feelings. They only consider their own pain. Which is why when all is said and done, they will play the victim. And they will portray you as being bad or wrong. So that they can avoid accountability and blame for their actions. 3. Fear of being exposed Narcissists move on quickly, because they fear being exposed. Maybe you're starting to figure them out. Maybe you're catching on to their games. And when that happens, they will ghost you. And they will find someone else who is more susceptible to their manipulation. Because they don't want you to see who they really are. They don't want to be exposed. 4. They want to hurt you

Narcissists move on quickly because they want to hurt you. They want to leave you broken and confused. Which is why they will leave without giving you closure. Without any explanation for their behaviour. Because they don't want you to have any peace after they're gone. Which is why they discard you in such a dramatic and painful way. Because they know you want answers. They know you want closure. But their mental disorder is designed to make them withhold whatever they think you need. Because it gives them power to see you experiencing discomfort and distress. And they also want you to think that you were the problem. They want you to blame yourself.

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