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The Narcissist Will Hold You Down

Most narcissists have dead end jobs and dead end lives. They are never about anything great. We become like the standard of people we surround ourselves with. And if you look at the narcissist and who they are with, it's always other people with low standards or dead end jobs. Low level people always stick together and team up on whomever they believe is above them. Which means that even if they did potentially come into contact with a person who could better them, or improve their lives in some way, they would sabotage it.

Their pathologically envy and jealousy produces an obsessive need to compete and prove themselves. This is why they surround themselves with other low standard, low level people. Because there's nothing to be envious or jealous of. They're all miserable, dissatisfied and unfulfilled together. And that's why you need to avoid bringing these types of people into your life. Because we become like the standard of people we surround ourselves with.

So if you're around these people long enough, you'll become like that too. You'll be bitter, envious and jealous just like them. Narcissists are not about growth or personal development. They target people who are above them and trying to climb higher. Then make them believe, through emotional abuse and manipulation tactics, that the bottom is the place to be. Everything you could ever want is at the bottom. If you don't believe them and continue to climb high, they will grab you and physically pull you down to their level. Once you are at the bottom with them, you then realize that they were lying to you. It was a game, a manipulation tactic all along. There's nothing great at the bottom. In fact, it's the lowest possible standard of living you could ever imagine. But they made you believe that it was so great. And while you're down there, they will continue to make you believe that it is the place to be. They will use manipulation tactics like projection, denial, blame shifting and gaslighting. Distorting your reality, making you see things differently. They will take on the role of your favorite celebrities. Dress like them, take on their characters or personalities. But this is all just to cover up the truth, that you are now at the lowest standard of life. And once you've been down here long enough, they soon stop giving a damn, they don't care to convince you that it's a great place to be. Now they're more focused on devaluing and degrading you. Trying to put you beneath them, beneath the ground. Then you realize that nothing is going to change, and you've got to get out of there. But now they won't let you go. You're trying to climb higher, but they're grabbing on to your legs and trying to pull you back down to their low level, their low standard of living. And this is where you're at right now, you're trying to get out, you're trying to get away from these people. Ask yourself, do you really want to go back down to that level, that lowest standard of living with the narcissists? Because that's all you're going to get from them.

They will cover it up and make you believe that it's so great down there, and it's really the place you want to be. They will never tell you the truth about how they really feel, because then they know you wouldn't want to want anything to do with them. And that's the last thing they want, is for you to realize that they're really not about anything great. Because they know, they're going to lose you. Shake them off and keep climbing high. You will find a place where you belong. Remember everything the narcissist tried to get you to believe. How they tried to appeal to your own ideals and mirror what you were interested in. How they always create illusions and told you what you wanted to hear or showed you what you wanted to see. You will never get any of that from the narcissist, it wasn't real. But if you keep climbing, you are going to reach a place where it all becomes very real. A place where everything they mirrored, all the illusions they tried to create, actually exists for real. And this is the reason why these narcissists have worked so hard to try and keep you down at their level. There was a time when they once tried to climb high. They wanted to reach the top and experience all of those amazing things. They tried their best to climb up there, but they didn't possess the strength, the capabilities. Furthermore, they fell down and hit rock bottom, the lowest level. It caused a narcissistic injury, and since then they always avoided trying to climb up. But they noticed other people up there, trying to climb higher, chasing their dreams. These narcissists became envious and jealous of them. So they tried to trick them into going down rather than up. They tried to make them believe that the bottom level is the place to be. The narcissists couldn't reach the top and when they failed, they chose not to try again. They created all of these perceived limitations and restrictions in their minds. Their goal from this point on was to secure an unsuspecting victim and place those limitations and restrictions on them. Because they are envious and jealous. They cannot stand to watch you reach the top, while they are stuck at the bottom, through their own choice, their own laziness. And there's nothing great going on at the bottom level.

That's why they will spend all of their time watching you, watching you trying to reach the top. While they use manipulation tactics to try and trick you into falling to the bottom. All the illusions the narcissist displayed to you, everything they tried to get you to believe. It does exist. And the narcissist had a glimpse of this reality at some point in their lives, while they were trying to climb higher, they had a partial view of what existed at the top. But they couldn't climb to the top, they didn't work on themselves, so they didn't have the capabilities to get to that level. They fell down to the bottom and became hateful and resentful to anyone above them. From this point on, they have chosen to use this to lure people into their realm, knowing all too well that they're not about any of that. They don't even know what it's like to be at that level, they don't know how to climb. So shake these narcissists off and keep on climbing.

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