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Nothing Injures The Narcissist More Than This

There is something that hurts the narcissist more than anything else. There is something that destroys them. And that is when you live your best life without them. Because they don't think that you can do better. The entire time that you were with them, they tried to make you feel like you can't do better without them. As though you don't deserve anything better. Because the most painful thing for them is to see you being treated better. To see you having a better life. If they see that you are doing better without them, they will often hoover you. They will try to come back into your life so that they can ruin it. But this is what injures the narcissist more than anything. When you live your best life without them. But don't do it to hurt the narcissist. Do it for yourself. Don't give away you power to the narcissist. Don't focus on them. Because nothing hurts them more when you forget about them. When they're no longer relevant to you. When they're no longer significant in your life. So don't even make an effort to hurt them. Because when you do that, you're focusing on them. You're giving your power and attention away. Keep your focus on yourself. If you want to hurt the narcissist, you have to take your attention away from them. The entire time that you were with them, they conditioned you to focus on them. You spent all of your time and energy building them up. Attending to them. Supporting them with their goals and dreams. Until you forgot about your own life. Which is why you need to get back to yourself.

You need to remember what is important to you. But be cautious when you do that. Because when you take your attention away from the narcissist. They're going to try to get it back. They will hoover you. They may give you false epiphanies and fake apologies. They may promise that they're going to change. Or they're going to provoke fear and shame within you. They're going to make you feel guilty. As though you're doing something wrong by trying to move on to your life. They will do anything to get you to engage with them again. They need to constantly engage with you. Because they don't want to deal with their own issues. They need someone else to do that for them. And they're also not going to help you with your problems. They only care about themselves. Which is why they conditioned you to feed all of your energy to them. And now you've been drained of your energy. You're like an empty battery. You need to recharge. Instead of continuing to recharge the narcissist. You need to recharge yourself.

That's how you get better. That's how you live your best life. And when you do that, it hurts the narcissist. Because they want to be the center of your attention. They want your life to revolve around them. But when you get back to yourself and you're focusing on improving your own life. It destroys them. But it's something you have to do. You have to give more to yourself than you give to the narcissist. That's how you live your best life. Instead of trying to hurt them. Instead of trying to ruin their relationship with their new supply. When you do that you're giving your power and attention away. Which you could've used for yourself to rebuild your own life. Which is why you need to take back your own power. Focus on yourself. Don't worry about hurting the narcissist. That's just a byproduct of you living your best life.

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