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Narcissist Doesn't Want You To Look Or Feel Good

They love you the way you look. They love your personality, they love everything about you

They soon begin to hate you when they realize that they cannot possess these good qualities which you possess. They want to look good, they want to feel good, just like you - But they don't and you do, so now you must die. You must die so you can no longer receive any more attention or admiration from anyone else. They can't do it, so why should you? It's unfair to them. They have no light, they cannot shine, so you shouldn't either. That's how they see it. The narcissist has no ability to shine on their own, their light comes from external sources such as attention, validation, and admiration. Or they will shine at the expense of someone else, by tearing them down. They have to do this because they cannot generate their own light. All they can do is reflect back our own light like the moon reflects the light of the sun.

They will act as though your qualities are not as good as they are. They are good qualities and they know it, but they cannot stand it. They know that you're special and you stand out. It is a reminder to them that they are not special, it triggers their inferiority complex. They will insult you about things that make you unique, anything that makes you attractive in any way. They don't want you to be unique or attractive. You stand out and people see you, admire you, and validate you as a person. There is nothing the narcissist hates more. It reminds them that they are not attractive and they are not receiving as much admiration and validation as they would like. This is why they will do whatever they can to prevent you from attracting anyone or obtaining any admiration. They are fuelled by hate, anger, and envy. Deep down they love the way you look, they love your personality, they love everything about you. The problem is when they realize that these qualities cannot be theirs. Their love for you soon turns to hate and anger because they cannot have the good qualities

which you possess. They become envious of the attention and admiration you are receiving just from being you. If they cannot have these qualities which you possess,

they will do whatever they can to destroy them. They will try to destroy you as a person. They use gas-lighting to make you doubt your own eyes, ears, and brain. They abuse you psychologically, emotionally, and sometimes even physically. They once loved your qualities and you as a person so much. But then realized that your qualities could not be theirs, so now they want to destroy your qualities

and you.

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