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How To Make The Narcissist Miss You After Discard

You may want the narcissist to miss you. You may want them to realise that they lost something valuable. You may want them to know that they will never find someone as good as you again. And there is nothing wrong with that. There is nothing wrong with wanting them to miss you. To make the narcissist miss you, you need to stop discussing the issues and problems you had with them. Stop arguing. Stop fighting. Stop giving them a reaction. Stop telling them that you disagree with them. Because when you're doing that, you're telling them that it's still important to you. You're showing them that you care. So don't even try to prove your point. Let them have the last word. Because they want you to keep fighting.

They want you to feed into it. They want you to fuel the flame. But when you don't, they're very confused. It tells them that you're unbothered. It makes them wonder what else you're doing. They will assume that you're involved in something that's more important to you. As though something has taken your attention away from them. Don't talk about the relationship with any mutual friends or family members. You should only confide in people who you can trust. Don't talk about it on social media. Don't mention anything about narcissists or toxic people. Because they may be stalking your social media. And you don't want them to know that the discard is having a negative effect on you. If you do this correctly, they won't have any information about how you feel.

As far as they know, you don't even care. So there's no supply. There's nothing to make them feel better about themselves.But this shouldn't be an act. It shouldn't be something you're doing just to make them miss you. You may need to process the emotions following the discard. But you should also make time to enjoy your life. To do things that you like to do. And then you can post it on social media. You can show the narcissist how much fun you're having without them. You can show them that you're not just sitting at home crying about them. You can take pictures with other people.

To show them you're not alone. But you shouldn't spend all of your time trying to make the narcissist miss you. You should stop communicating with them. You should block them and move on. And by doing that, it will actually make them miss you even more.It will make them want you back. They will hoover you. But you shouldn't respond to their hoover attempts. Because they might just come back to punish you. They might come back to get revenge. They don't love you. They're just using you to self-medicate and relieve their stress. They're just using you to feed their ego. And they're only coming back to you because they couldn't find someone else.

You're just an option to the narcissist. You're not anything of significance. There's no sentimental value. They're just bored and lonely. They don't want to be alone. They miss provoking you. They miss irritating you. They miss making you miserable. Which is why you need to cut them off. You need to remove them from your life. You need to focus on yourself. You need to go no contact. And when you do that, the narcissist will miss you.

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That’s one thing I’m proud of. I’ve somehow managed to go no contact for nearly 10 months now. But it hasn’t been easy, due to the fact that our marriage lasted 32 yrs before her demonically cruel discard was presented to me. And the fact that I was tremendously trauma bonded to this witch, making it nearly impossible to achieve, because of the amount of time I had spent with her. During this process my ruminating over this failed relationship and feelings of self, being worthless, and beating myself up for not researching what I was actually up against. It never crossed my mind that she could be this cruel and uncaring after more than 3 decades. Much less plan…

Dan Corby
Dan Corby
30 de out. de 2022
Respondendo a

I wasn't in it for decades like you were, but the trauma bonding is a real thing. So real in fact, it seems there's a void in my soul. Logic says one thing and my heart says something completely different. A paradox of epic proportions , the battle between what you know vs what you feel. And believe it or not I still have love for this vile human but I can't take her back because I have seen the light and have respect for myself. Keep fighting the good

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