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5 Reasons Why Narcissists Discard You

Narcissists will discard you when they no longer have a use for you. When you're no longer a suitable victim. When you're no longer a good source of supply for them. And this can manifest in various different ways.

1. You no longer feed their ego The narcissist never loved you. They never cared about you. They were only around you because you fed their ego. Because you made them feel good about themselves. And although they may have acted confident and strong... They actually have a fragile sense of self. Which is why if you stop feeding their ego, they have no use for you. Because that is your only purpose. 2. They found a better source of supply They lost interest in you. They became impatient. And maybe they found a better source of supply. Because they need someone to feed their ego. They need someone to make them feel better about themselves. And this could be where they are showered with gifts and compliments. Or it could be where they are able to devalue someone. Where they are able to use someone as their emotional punching bag. Because that also gives them supply and feeds their ego. They get bored when they're not receiving excessive admiration and praise. When you're not displaying exaggerated flattery and affection. When that happens, they will move on. Because that's why they were there in the first place. Because you validated their false self. You gave them supply. 3. You can no longer give them what they want You can no longer take care of them. Because after being around them for a long period of time, it affected your health. It broke you down. And maybe it affected you financially. So you no longer have the means to give them what they want. And that is one of the main reasons why they were with you. Your value is based on what you can provide to them. Your money and possessions are a potent source of supply to the narcissist. So if you can no longer provide that to them, because you're too sick or your lost your job... Then they're out of there. They will drop you like a hot potato. Because they're very superficial and fake. 4. They can no longer control you They can no longer make you do what they want. Because you've woken up. You're no longer under their spell. You've realised that there's more to life than you just being their doormat. Than you being their slave. You've become stronger and wiser. You don't want to be controlled by them anymore. And when they realise that they can no longer control you, they don't want to be with you anymore. 5. When you question and confront them

When you start to figure them out. Narcissists fear being exposed. They fear that the truth will come out about who they are and what they've done. So they don't want to take that risk. Which is why they will cut you off before it gets to that point.

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