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5 Reasons The Narcissist Hates You

You are reading this because you already know the narcissist hates you. They may want you around, but you can tell that they can't stand you. But you don't know what you did to make them that way. Because at one point, they were very anxious to be with you. They were very eager and desperate for you. But now they seem to hate you. Now they treat you with contempt. As though you're worthless and beneath their consideration. So why did they suddenly change? I'm going to give you 5 reasons why the narcissist hates you.

1. Envy The narcissist is envious of you. They feel discontentment and resentment aroused by your possessions, qualities or luck. They desire to have your qualities, possessions and desirable things. They wish they had your skills and achievements. But they don't. Which leaves them with a feeling of grudging admiration and desire to have what you possess. They become very bitter and resentful. Because they feel like they're being treated unfairly. Which results in them holding a grudge against you. If anything good happens to you, they will get mad or they will be passive aggressive. They will always have something negative to say. They will always have a reason why you should not be happy or proud of your possessions or achievements. Because they can't be happy or proud of you. Because they're envious of your success. 2. Jealousy They're jealous. They're resentfully suspicious that you're attracted to or involved with someone else. They feel angry and bitter because they think that another person is trying to take you away from them. Because they're very paranoid. They're always on edge. They're always scanning the environment for threats. And they tend to be disloyal. So they assume that if they can do it, you and other people can do it too. And they hate you for that.

3. You get attention People like you. People admire you. People look up to you. And they don't really mind if people like you. They just don't want people to like you better than them. Because they always have to be the center of attention. But when you have people's attention, they feel like you're taking the spotlight away from them. 4. You take care of yourself They hate it when you take care of yourself. They see it as though you're being selfish. As though you only care about yourself. Even if you only do something for yourself once a month. They see it as though it's taking your time, money and energy away from them. They may not mind attending to other people. But they won't take the time to attend to you, because they hate and resent you. And they especially don't like it when you take the time to attend to yourself. Because they're envious of you. They're envious of what you're able to do for yourself. And they wish they could be like that, instead of them being so heavily dependent on you. They hate it when you focus on yourself, because then you're not paying attention to them. And they want all of your attention. So when they're not getting your attention, they will behave badly. Because it makes them unhappy and upset. They need supply. They need constant attention and admiration. They can't live without it. And they may not be completely aware of why they need to get your attention. But they will feel this urge to get you to notice them. Because then they can feel alive. Then they can feel like their false self exists.

5. You're confident Narcissists are very insecure. So they hate to see that you're confident in your own qualities and abilities. They hate to see that you feel good about yourself. Because they don't feel good about themselves. It makes them feel envious and jealous. They see it as a threat. It intimidates them. Which is why whenever they see that you're confident and you feel good about yourself. They will always look for a way to shut you down.

The narcissist will hate you for anything you have. Whether it's the life that you have. Or your money or possessions. Or they may even hate you for your own feelings. Because you're able to feel love and compassion for other people. But they can't feel that. They only have feelings for themselves. All they care about is getting what they want. And they're envious and jealous of people who have anything that they want.

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Jan 28, 2023

That's a very complete list. But, it's so hard to understand. I like it when the person I love is the center of attention. I love when they have success. I don't think it flows over onto me. I just love them and more than that, I like them. I was with a narcissist for 27 years. Every single day. I was loving him in the old fashioned way. I asked about his day because, I was curious. I made sure he had something to eat because, he had worked all day and he was hungry. I laughed at his jokes because, he was incredibly funny. And, I never hesitated to compliment him. The thing about that list is that…

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