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When The Narcissist Ignores You, DO THIS

When they're around other people, narcissists can be charming and charismatic. But behind closed doors, they are disconnected. They are inconsiderate of your needs. They lack empathy. They're unable to share your feelings or perspective. The narcissist will ignore you when you need them the most. Because they want supply.They want your reaction. It fuels them. But it's never enough. They always want more. Which is why everything always has to be about them. And it's why they ignore your needs. Because it gives them your reaction.Which feeds their soul. And it makes them think that they have won. But those feelings of victory and triumph only last for a short period of time.

Which is why they have to keep you coming back.Which is another reason why they ignore you.They love to see your persistency and determination. They love to see you continuing firmly and obstinately in your opinion and course of action in spite of difficulty and opposition. It gratifies them. It brings them amusement and enjoyment.Which is why they specificly target people who are kind and giving. Because those are the easiest targets for them to destroy. And if you confront them on it, they will blame-shift. They will gaslight. They will do anything they can to avoid accountability. Because they don't want to resolve the issue.

All they care about is supply. Which is why they will ignore you, to keep you coming back. To keep you wanting to engage in meaningful conversations. While they future fake. While they feed you false promises and lies. To keep you holding on. While they pretend to care about your needs. But everything they do is just so that they can feel needed. So that they can feel like they matter to someone. So that they can feel like they have a useful purpose.Which is a very twisted way of going about it. But this is what they do. They will tell you whatever they think you want to hear. But it will never come into fruition. Because they never took the steps to make it a reality.

They lied and promised something about your possible future, in order to get what they wanted in the present. They will only give you something if they believe that they can get something back in return. And most often, what they want is your attention. They want be included and enmeshed with you.But they have an ulterior motive for doing that. They are very distrustful. They're opportunists. They're only looking to see what they can get. To cause drama and chaos. To gaslight you. To deflect. To make you feel like you're bad or wrong. So that they can feel like they're in control. By leaving you in a state of disorder and confusion. Because it gives them supply.

They are the puppet master. They enjoy being in control of events and of other people's actions. It compensates for their lack of stability and security. They made an intentional decision to ignore you. Because they're very petty and immature.And it's designed to test you. To see how you will react. But it's also meant to punish you for being more attractive or more intelligent than they are. Because they are deeply envious of you. Their lack of communication is meant to communicate to you that you are irrelevant. But it's also a test. To make you seek an advantage from them. To make you win their attention. While they make excuses for their absence. But if you ignore them, it will frustrate them. Because that's not what they wanted you to do. And they want to be in control.

They want to dictate your actions. So if you ignore them, they may come back to lovebomb you. While they're talking about you to other people behind your back.Which is why when the narcissist ignores you, you need to ignore them. When you do that, they will see you as a threat. Because they need your reaction to get supply. But it will make them very uncomfortable. It will show them that you're not willing to play their game. That you don't need them. That you're happier without them. And you should feel grateful that they're out of your life. Because now you have an opportunity to make your life better and greater without them.

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08 de fev. de 2023

Your description of a relationship with a narcissist is almost frightening. I think that giving someone the cold shoulder or just ignoring them, refusing to speak is the meanest thing a person can do. It's worse than shutting a door in someone's face literally. It's something that you should find out as quickly as possible when you're dating. Does the person distance themselves when they don't get what they want or you don't act the way they want you to act. Most everyone is looking for someone who loves them. Through the good times and the bad times. That's life. I think it's interesting because, there was a very wealthy man that lived in my town. He had feelings for…

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