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The One Regret Of The Narcissist

The one thing they feel sad and disappointed over. The narcissist doesn't regret losing you. Even if that thought crossed their mind, they would reject it. Because they can't accept that they have done anything wrong. They can't accept their failures. So they're not going to regret discarding you. Because they're self absorbed and they lack empathy. And after some time they begin to lack interest. They're dissatisfied. Because you were never enough for them. The one thing they regret is not finding something better. But that doesn't mean a better person. They're not looking for a better person. They often end up with someone a lot worse than they made you out to be. They regret not finding a better supply. A better victim.

Someone who is more susceptible to their manipulation. Someone who is more willing to tolerate the abuse. But they never find the perfect victim. Because over time you become progressively worse due to the abuse and neglect. You lose yourself. You develop health problems. You become depressed. So you're no longer interesting to the narcissist. You're no longer fun or exciting. After they've drained you of your money and resources. And you no longer desire to have sex with them. Because all they care about is what you can do for them. They don't care about who you are as a person. But if they can't find a better supply, they may hoover you. They may give you a fake apology. They may tell you that they regret losing you. They may tell you that they have changed. They may say that they've missed you. But it's just an act.

They haven't changed. It's just lovebombing. So don't fall for it. Because they will only mistreat you and then discard you again and again. Until they've found a better victim. They will keep you hooked. They will use push and pull. To make you dependent on them. But they always get bored after a while. They always lose interest. And then they're off seeking something else. They're looking for someone to replace you. But when that goes wrong, they come back. Even if they do find a better victim. Because after some time their new victim gets sick and tired. Or they run out of money. They can no longer supply the narcissist. So then the narcissist needs to replace them as well. And they really don't have that many choices. Because they have to find people who are vulnerable.

People who are willing to be their doormats. People who will let them walk all over them. And that's not easy for them to do. But they will never regret losing you. They will never feel sorry for what they did to you. Because they've convinced themselves that they haven't done anything wrong. They always find a way to justify the abuse. They will never take accountability for their actions. So they will never regret hurting you. And they will never regret losing you. But they can be very convincing if they need to be. They will say anything to get you back. But they don't regret anything that they have done to you. They don't regret lying to you. They don't regret cheating on you. They don't regret stealing from you. They're not sorry for any of that. Because if they were sorry, that would mean they have done something wrong.

That would mean they have failed. And they cannot accept any failure or wrongdoing. Instead, they will blame you. They will be disappointed in you. They will feel like you have betrayed them. And they will wish that they could find someone who does appreciate them. Because they refuse to accept any fault. If something was wrong, it's because you're not good enough. In their minds, they did the best they could for you. But no matter what they tell themselves, they will always be miserable. Because the one thing they will regret is not finding someone better. Not finding a better victim or supply. That is one thing that leaves them disappointed. Because they can never find what they're looking for. They can never be satisfied with anything. They will be miserable until the day they die. But they will never admit that to you. They will pretend to be happy. They will act like they're in control.

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