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The Best You Will Ever Get From The Narcissist Is An Illusion

The Best You Will Ever Get From The Narcissist Is An Illusion, All you will get from the narcissist are deceptive appearances or impressions, false ideas or beliefs. They have nothing real to offer you. They might imitate you or what you're about, or appeal to your own ideals. But really, they're not about any of that. Everything they do is designed to deceive you. It is designed to make you to believe something that is not true, for their own personal gain.

Narcissists are con artists. They cheat or trick you by persuading you to believe something that is not true. From the moment they first met you, they shaped your perception. They altered the way in which you interpreted sensory information, to change the way in which you saw them or the environment. They managed to sell you a dream or a fantasy and trick you into seeing them as something different that what they really are. Furthermore, they made you believe that they were about something and got you to trust them.

You became attached to the image of what they first displayed to you, when they shaped your perception and altered the way in which you interpreted sensory information. From the beginning, none of it was ever real, it was all an illusion. But they shaped your perception in a way that you could only see what they wanted you to see. You validated their false self and their illusion, and that's the only reason why the love bombing phase lasted as long as it did.

It was regulating their emotions and boosting their self-esteem. It made them feel as though they were something valuable or significant. But really, none of that had anything to do with them. It was just bits of pieces of what they have stolen from other people or things they have seen in movies. They were mirroring you, what you're about, your own ideals. None of it had anything to do with them, they were just using it to get attention and admiration from you.

You may have a feeling of disappointment or loss from the failed expectation which the narcissist never delivered on. They may have made promises of something beneficial or favorable for you in the future. But this was only designed to keep you in engaged with them, to keep giving them what they need from you. It's designed to keep you doing whatever they want you to do, or being however they want you to be.

You have trust or confidence that they are going to deliver on their false promises. You put in so much time and effort to make it work with them, assuming that you will eventually see the fruits of your labor. But one day you wake up and realize that you're putting in all of this work, but you're not getting anything in return. It creates this feeling of disappointment or loss, when you realize that the narcissist never delivered on their false promise and probably never will.

You were misled, tricked, deceived. They never delivered on their false promises, because they never had it in them to begin with. Everything they did was designed to make you believe that they had something to offer you, or they had something of value or significance. But this was only to keep you engaged with them, so they could extract whatever they needed from you.

Which may have been your attention and admiration, time, energy, money, goods or services. Anything that the narcissist did deliver on was a simulation of value or significance, and it was only designed to buy time for them. It was designed to keep you around for a certain amount of time, as the narcissist knew it wasn't what you really wanted from them. But whatever they do deliver on is usually something that they will exaggerate or claim to be something so much greater than what it actually is.

Narcissists do not possess anything of real value or significance, they can only create the illusion of this. They know how to orchestrate the elements of a situation to produce the desired effect or to induce the desired emotion within you. They know how to trick or deceive people and make them believe something that is not true, or not real. Furthermore, they want you to stay engaged with them, so they can extract whatever they need from you.

But they will act as though something is wrong with you, or what you are giving to them isn't good enough or isn't up to their standards. This is designed to keep you looking at yourself, instead of realizing that they are the ones who have nothing to offer you. And they know that they have nothing to offer you. The game is to make you believe that you are the one who has nothing to offer them, which is an illusion in itself. It's designed to keep you putting in the effort to prove yourself to them, while they're sitting back and constantly moving the goalposts.

Because they knew all along that you were something great, that's why they targeted you. But by invalidating you and making you believe that you're not good enough, or you have nothing to offer them, it keeps you putting in maximum effort and trying to prove yourself to them. When no matter how much effort you put in to please them, they will never appreciate it. The narcissist can never be satisfied. They create these false problems or arguments and act as though everything is going wrong, or you can't do anything right.

Whatever they are telling you is the problem is never the real problem. Narcissists are never direct, the real issue is something they are too embarrassed or ashamed to even talk about, because it would then put them in an inferior position. They do not have your best interest in mind, they do not want to work anything out.

They do not want a resolution. There is no point trying to work anything out with them anyway, they have nothing to offer you, there is no value there. The best they have to offer you is illusions, other than that, they are not about anything. They are all talk or false displays. There is nothing of value there, and you are wasting your time arguing with them when you could be using that time for yourself and creating something of real value.

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