Narcissists Are Boring

Narcissists Are Boring. They are uninteresting, unexciting. They are dull, tedious and repetitious. Not only that, but they are lacking in variety and interest. When you first meet the narcissist, you could be fooled into believing that you are around a fun and interesting person. They are very good at providing you with short bursts of amusement and enjoyment. But it never lasts long. They just tell you what you want to hear or show you what you want to see. But it's never what they're about.

Narcissists are not capable of engaging in fun activities for long periods of time. They can only create the illusion that they are fun and interesting. Their idea of fun is usually to take you to a movie. Something that will distract you from their dull personalities. Because they already know that if you were to sit down with them with no distractions, you would quickly realize how dull and boring they really are. There would be nothing to talk about. You would have nothing in common with them.

You would realize that they're not really about anything. They have no passions, interests or ambitions. There's nothing that makes them tick. There's nothing that drives them. There's no heart or soul. And actually the reason why they targeted you, is because they don't have any of that. They targeted you, because they realized that you have everything that they are missing. And they were hoping that you would provide that to them. They were hoping that you would make their lives more fun and exciting. They thought that you would bring the party to them.

Furthermore, they thought that you would give them something to live for. They noticed that you had that energy, that spark. That sense of liveliness and excitement about you. And they wanted to be a part of that. They wanted some of that in their lives. The problem is that when you get involved with a narcissist, although it may seem great at first. You soon realize that nothing can make them happy. Nothing can make them have a good time. They always see things as being not good enough or being beneath them. They always have to see something being wrong.

Likewise, they're always dissatisfied with something. They're never happy or content with anything. They always feel as though something is not as good as it should be. And this has an effect on you. Because now you're around a downer. No matter how fun or exciting the activity may be. It's like you've taken a depressant or tranquilizing drug. You can't enjoy anything anymore. Because when someone is around you, constantly expressing their dissatisfaction for something, it affects your personal experience.

You no longer get to perceive the world in the way that you normally would. You no longer get to enjoy activities that would otherwise be satisfying or fulfilling to you. And you may find that you begin to lose your happiness. You begin to lose your energy, that spark which you once had. It begins to fizzle out, until you feel dissatisfied. You feel like you can't enjoy anything. You may feel like when you're alone, your energy begins to regenerate.

That spark begins to come back. But you never have enough time to come back to your old self, because the narcissist is constantly around you. Misery loves company. They are suffering, but they are comforted to know that you are also unhappy. And that is why they constantly need to be around you. Because the thought of you being happy or having a good time without them, is just too painful for them to deal with. In their minds, they believe that if they have to be miserable, then so should you. You shouldn't get to be happy, if they have to suffer.

That's how they see it. But as long as you are around a narcissist, you will never find true happiness. You can try to dig deep within their souls, but all you will find is more emptiness. And it's just covered by things that appear fun or exciting. Narcissists will often give the illusion of fun when you first meet them. They may act as though they are really interested in you and as though they have a lot going on in their lives. They will dress well and may even have a nice car.

This all gives you the illusion that you are dealing with a fun and exciting person. But if you just sat down with them for a few minutes and tried to find any real emotion or purpose. You would realize that there's just nothing there. Because these kinds of people only focus on the illusion. They focus on their image or reputation. It's designed to make you think that there's something there, but it's just an empty shell. It's just nice packaging. But once you've unwrapped the gift, you're disappointed.

It's not what you thought it would be. Because you were intentionally given a mistaken impression. They made you believe that they were these fun and exciting people, just to lure you in. Just to get your attention. When they already knew that there was nothing fun about them. That's why they go through all the effort of creating the illusion. Just to make you believe that they're everything you could want them to be. But when it all comes down to it, you realize it was just deception. And now all you're left with is some crappy gift and some useless packaging.

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