How To Make The Narcissist Regret Leaving You

The narcissist never really moves on. They go from one supply to the next supply, but they are always watching what you are doing. They are always watching to see if you can rebuild your life after they have destroyed it or if you can put yourself in a better position. They always want to be with a person who is the most successful and the most physically attractive. The person who has the most power to direct people's behaviour and the course of events. That is the kind of person that they want to be around.

When the narcissist first met you, you might have had a lot of power. You might have had the ability to make things happen. You might have been very physically attractive. But as the narcissist began to drain you of your resources, that is when you began to lose your power. When they started abusing you, stressing you out and making you feel anxious or depressed. That is when you began to lose your looks. You might have gained weight or lost weight, you started feeling tired all the time and so you don't feel like doing anything. At this point you're no good for anyone, not just a narcissist. Although the narcissist can never be satisfied.

Once the narcissist has drained you of your energy and resources and beaten you down to the point where you don't look good anymore, now you are no good for anyone. The narcissist wants to be around someone who everyone else desires, someone who everyone else wants. The narcissist used you up of everything that you had to offer and then left you

to yourself, because you are no longer of any use to them. If you want to make the narcissist regret losing you, you need to rebuild. Forget about the narcissist for now, don't initiate any

contact with them and don't respond to any hoover attempts. Focus on rebuilding your life.

  • Heal your childhood traumas

  • Improve your mental and emotional health

  • Exercise

  • Drink plenty of water

  • Improve your diet

  • Exfoliate your skin

  • Moisturize

  • Get your hair and nails done

  • Buy some new clothes

But when you are doing all of this, it has to be for yourself. Your focus needs to be on yourself, rather than the narcissist. If you are doing all of this to impress them or to try to get

them back, it is going to come off as though you're being desperate. As though you're doing whatever you can to get them back. You need to be doing all of this for you, because you value yourself and love yourself, not because you care about what someone else thinks.

When you really value yourself, it's natural for you to take care of your mental, emotional and physical health. Because you regard yourself as being something of importance or usefulness, you recognize your own value and everything that you have to offer. So it's only natural that you are going to want to take care of this valuable body, mind and soul which you possess. Once you have rebuilt your life and you have upgraded your mental, emotional and physical health, you might be ready to start dating again. But now that you have rebuilt your life and upgraded yourself, you can't just go back to the narcissist. Even though the narcissist might want you back, you need to be with someone who is more on your level, someone who is also taking that time to upgrade themselves. You are worthy and deserving of being with someone who is better and greater than the narcissist. If you have rebuilt

your life and upgraded yourself, you are going to have no problem finding someone

who is far better and far greater than a narcissist. Someone who you can then build with and enjoy a fun and exciting life without the narcissist.

Narcissists are very superficial. They only care about things that exist or occur on the surface, rather than anything of any real purpose or meaning. The axis of the world revolves around them and so they are the most significant and important thing in the world. They trick you into seeing the world as being such a small place and as though there is no one else for you to find or no one else that would want you. As though there is nowhere else for you to go and nothing else for you to do. This is how they trick you into seeing in the world. But now you need to start seeing the world with a mindset of abundance, as though there is plenty

to go around. Because there is plenty to go around and you can have it all, you don't need the narcissist. You can find the peace, love and joy that you always wanted, without the narcissist and without any of their efforts. Even if they have drained the life out of you and used up all of your resources. It all starts by working on your mental, emotional and physical health and then rebuilding your life without them.

When the narcissist has to witness your improved health and how you have rebuilt your life. When they have to witness your happiness and how you have moved on with someone who is far better and far greater than they could ever be, that is when they begin to suffer. That is when they begin to realize that they had made a big mistake, that is when they begin to regret losing you.

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