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When The Narcissist Gets Tricked By Their New Supply

When the narcissist was with you, they were never happy. You were never good enough for them. Because they were always comparing the relationship to other people's situations. They were looking at social media. They were looking for the bigger, better deal. The next shiny new toy. They thought the grass was greener on the other side. And they were looking to take advantage of the next opportunity. To gain something materialistic. Whether it was money, cars or clothes. Nothing that is of valuable substance. So they will wander off. They will lose their way. And they will end up with someone who knows how to play the game.

Someone who knows how to manipulate people. Someone who knows how to create the illusion of having something better and greater. Of being able to meet the narcissist's needs. And the narcissist has a black and white mentality. In their minds you're flawed. You're worthless. And this new person is perfect. This new person is everything that they've been looking for. Because they're always looking at other people's relationships. They're accepting people as they claim to be. They believe it without thinking about it. Without studying it more closely. Without realising that it's all fake. It's a deceptive outward appearance. Which makes them seem better than they really are.

When in reality, they have the same problems and issues that you experienced. They have the same arguments. But because the narcissist was always looking for the bigger, better deal, they take it at face value. They believe what they see. They expect it to be better. They expect it to make them happy. They expect it to be better than what they had with you. But there are a lot of con artists out there. There's a lot of people who exaggerate and lie. People who say things that are not true, in order to seem better and more important than they really are. To bait in people who have just left a relationship. People who are easily impressed.

People who are looking for a better situation. And they do that by creating an illusion and selling them a dream. By inducing feelings of excitement and pleasure.The narcissist ends up in this situation because they stopped putting in effort with you. They stopped giving you what you wanted and desired from them. Because you showed a sensible and practical idea of what can be achieved and expected. You represented things in a way that is accurate and true to life. You weren't trying to sell them a dream. You weren't trying to give them a fantasy. So it became boring for the narcissist. They lost interest in you. But this new person has created a character that is fun and exciting.

They've sold the narcissist a dream. And the narcissist has fallen for it. So they're doing more for this new person. They're doing things they never did with you. Because they don't realise they're being tricked. This new person is giving the narcissist an illusion. And the narcissist thinks it's everything that they've been looking for. So they're putting a lot of effort into it. Because they don't want to lose it. But this new person has no intention of staying with the narcissist for a long period of time. It's just fun for them.

The narcissist caused you to suffer in order to save themselves and gain a personal advantage. They criticised, blamed, and punished you to get what they want. And this new person was getting off on that. They enjoyed it. Because you were meant to be something special and important to the narcissist. But now the narcissist is with them. They're doing everything they can for this new person. It makes them feel important. It brings them excitement. But it's short-lived. It only lasts for a short time. And because they didn't have to work for it, they don't appreciate it. So they spend it all.

They run through it very quickly. And they're left in a worse condition than when they were with you. After they said all of these things about you. After they told their family and friends they're finished with you. And once it's over, this new person is going to leave them. Because they were never looking for anything serious. It was just fun. But the narcissist thought it was real. They bought into the dream. They thought they could find a better situation that something that was already good for them. But they ended up finding something that just brought them right back to reality. Because life doesn't work that way. It causes confusion and shame to them.

They feel awkward and stupid. So they can't even come back to see you. Especially if you know about it. Because they know you'll never see them the same way again. So they're left with nothing. They thought they were about to outdo you. When they had a good situation with you. But they took it for granted. They minimised its value. They minimised your importance. Just so they could chase after a deceptive appearance. Something that wasn't even real. And then they ended up with nothing. They ended up in a worse situation that what they were in with you.

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1 Comment

Dan Corby
Dan Corby
Oct 26, 2022

I know for a fact that after discard, she settled for less. Although she will ever admit it, she realizes she had it made with me. Sad fact is, I still love her but I can never take her back knowing what I know..that breaks my heart. Can't help it but reality is,I'll have to love her from a

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